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    Hoth Survival Accessory Set

    This set is ok, decent, but nothing to write home about. The paint details are all pretty good except for on the missiles where you don't really care at all anyway; the paint on the scanner is really top notch, I was kinda shocked. The backpack is a total borf though, they used hard plastic for the "hooks" that slide over a figure's shoulders, but it doesn't fit the included fig because the hard plastic used won't give way to accept the collar; the hook section is pegged in so the backpack can actually rotate around the hook section, but this feels like it WILL break sooner or later if I use it. Other than that, nice enough materials and paint apps, a little mismatch in color from the legs to the crotch piece.

    The gas mask(s, there are 2) are well-painted and fit over the included fig's head - it takes a LOT of effort to do though, but it looks pretty good once in place. The gun is basic black plastic, not as rubbery as many POTJ/SAGA weapons though.

    The figure's head is identical to the basic Hoth solider figure except with a darker beard, the body is Luke Hoth all the way down to the odd pose of the feet, they didn't even change the '97 copyright date on the figure's foot. The power box is hollow and nothing fantastic, but makes for an adequate background prop.

    The tank is very anti-SW but sorta well-designed, it appears to be from another line, possibly GI Joe -- it has rubbery non-rolling treads and a non-opening hatch/door on the top of the tank right in the middle of where the turret goes that makes no sense at all. The turret's missile-launching button is satisfying in a basic "big button pushing" manner, and the missile goes far enough to be considered not a dud.

    If this set had been $7.50, it'd be worth the money even with the recycled figure elements and accessories; but at $9.99 it feels overpriced for what you get. Still, having a Hoth rebel officer rather than a grunt is a good deal. GRADE: somewhere between B- and C+
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    I havent found the accessory sets yet, but I still only want the arena conflict set and maybe the hoth survival set.
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    same here, no sign of those sets here either
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    I just found the Hoth Accessory pack tonight. No sign of the others.

    JediTricks pretty much hit the nail on the head with his review. The backpack is worthless since it won't fit on the figure. The rifle is much softer than the POTF2 version.

    I was a little dissapointed, yet it is still ok. C+
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    Out of all the Accessory Packs I think I'm looking forward to the Hoth Pack the least.
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    I agree. I'm looking forward to the Death Star one (just for the figure) and the Arena one the most.
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    Okay... I got this one and it's not as bad as I had expected. The partol droid is kinda goofy, but it really does shoot that missle quite a distance. The backpack issue does have me a little miffed, but I suppose I can use this on another figure and not use it for a Hoth/Arctic adventure.
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