Ok DVD fans, as well as fans of Dogma. I have some really great news for you. Remember when the controversial Dogma S.E. DVD was set to be released, and then was delayed because Disney forced Kevin Smith to pull the "Defending Dogma" Documentary. Kevin Smith said at the time that he retained the rights to it, and would make it avaliable on a future release. That release is here. The upcoming Vulgar DVD will contain the Documentary. Here is the DVD specs from ViewAskew.com.

We've got good news! Details have been released for the upcoming VULGAR DVD from Lions Gate (Trimark Home Video) and they look pretty good! It does indeed look like they've got the Dogma Documentary on there, and even a new commentary track. Here's the full rundown:

* 16x9 Widescreen
* Dolby Surround
* Judge Not: In Defense of Dogma Documentary!!
* Trailer
* Deleted Scenes and Gag Reel
* Commentary (Bryan Johnson, Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
* Stills
* Interactive Menus
* Scene Access
* English & Spanish Subtitles

We're very pleased to see they've enhanced for 16x9 and even included some deleted stuff. We're looking forward to this one even more now! Looks like another great disc in the long line of excellent View Askew products.

A Vulgar DVD containing only the trailer and film itself is making the rounds, sent out for review and promotion, though we've yet to see one. We'll hopefully have an advance copy of the entire DVD ahead of time though. If you've yet to see the film, it's a must-see, especially for a View Askew fan (and why else are ya here?) and we can also say that the Dogma doc is also quite good and something you can't miss (you'll even hear a couple familiar webmasters get a mention in it). We'll keep you posted on this as we learn more.

One more thing: TWO DVD editions are being released on the 3rd of September-- One will be the 84 minute R-Rated Version (Catalog Number: VM8127D) and the 87 minute Unrated Theatrical Version (Catalog Number: VM8120D). Make SURE you pick up the UNRATED!


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