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    Star Tours not cool; Star Wars Theme Park would be awesome!

    Have you been to Disneyland?

    They have different worlds like Adventure Land (Indy Jones, the runaway train ride) Tomorrow Land (Star Tours, Space Mountain),

    I wished there'd be an all Star Wars theme park with the Planets as the "worlds."

    Hoth might be the showcase: 3 Rollercoaster tracks twisting and weaving around a giant AT-AT. The cars would be snowspeeders of course. And maybe to speed up the lines, they'd seat 4. Two sitting backwards in the tailgunner position! For more extras and thrills, the speeders will fly at crazy speeds through ice caverns and attack probe droids and evade the Wampa! Perhaps laser tag equipment would let passengers "score" while they ride!

    I would do AAT Tank bumper cars that shoot tennis balls at pop-up Gungans! (or you could run them over!) Shoot at other tanks to play cut-throat style!

    The Podrace would be a natural for a roller coaster!

    The Trench Run as well as the Death Star II could also be rollercoasters!

    Speederbikes on Endor could be a suspended ride!

    And they could do so much more! Wouldn't that be better than Star Tours?
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    That would be cool. But I think that would be seen by many, as the last step of George Lucas selling out. But let them complain and stay away, would mean the lines would be shorter for those of us that would love this. I sure the heck would go. Tycho, you need to add some rides for those of us with Inner Ear problems that throw off our balance. Maybe a Haunted House Dagogah Tree Cave. I can't even ride a rollercoaster without getting really sick.

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    I can see it now:

    Millennnium Falcon Roller Coaster
    Gungan Bongo water ride
    Ewok village play area
    Naboo relaxation area- with pool
    Clontrooper Lasertag
    Senate Pod shaped restaraunt booths
    Lighsaber stunt shows
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    Star Tours not cool?!? Get the hell outta here, what kinda crap is that?!?

    Seriously though, Star Tours is awesome, you shouldn't badmouth this great attraction that was created for the 10th anniversary of SW.
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    Hey, it was kinda corny, but I liked it when I visited 6 years ago. I didn't care for the tour droid host, but the ride was very well done. I'd like to go again.
    And waiting in line was cool too, nice setups at Disney World!

    But I couldn't even begin to fathom how cool a SW themed park would be, I'd travel anywhere in the country to check it out. I wouldn't see it as selling out, not anymore than the JarJar toothbrush I bought 3 years ago. Sounds like a cool way to interact with the series, I think it would be fun.

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    The other stuff sounds cool, too....

    Disneyland could use some new stuff....having gone there for some 40 years (did I really say that?), new would be nice. Get the bulldozers ready!
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    I have to say, I found Star Tours to be disappointing as well. The Star Wars themed stuff around the ride I saw while standing in line was actually more impressive than the ride. They really need to update it somehow...the newer 3d movie rides (Honey I shrunk the Audience and Muppets 3d) were much better at immersing me in a movie. I just wasn't impressed at a chair bouncing around while annoying droids yelled.

    As a side note, maybe not just a Starwars park, maybe a general Lucasarts themed park, with things like the Dark Crystal, Indiana Jones, Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion (what a great haunted house ride that would be!), or even Howard the Duck.

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    I saw it in like 88 I think, and I liked it. I am not sure SW warrants a whole amusement park. For some reason that doesn't sound right to me. I would rather have a Star Wars section of a park.
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    I've never been to Star Tours so I can't really rate it, but a Star Wars theme park would be GREAT!!! I really hope GWL is reading this cause all the rides sound so cool!

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    I too found Star Tours kind of anticlimactic.
    I did enjoy it, but I had been on the Back to the Future ride at Universal the day before and I thought that was better.

    My favourite part of the Star Tours ride was the stuff you saw while waiting in line. That and the full size AT-AT outside.
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