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    Question I want white Clone Troopers!

    When the sneak preview Clone Troopers came out, I was a little displeased that they were "dirty," as I like my stormtroopers nice and white and pristine and the same rules apply to their forebears, as it were.

    However, the blue "blaster fire" effect offset the "dirtiness" and I figured, well, I could build a squad of "in the field" Clones for a battle diorama and have clean Clones in whatever vehicles they came out with coming in as reinforcements through the back lines.

    Then when the Ep. II figures proper came out, and I saw that the Clones were all the red variation I figured, well, Hasbro wanted to put something out that was a little more colorful than plain white for the kiddies, and that if they sold well, plain white Clone Troopers would be sure to follow.

    This does not seem to be the case, however, at least not according to SSG; the Pilot clones are next. Does anyone know differently?

    The second question, then, is: if Hasbro does not plan to release white Clone Troopers, what do you think the prospects are for painting some of them? I have never customized a SW figure before. I can paint, as I construct Mobile Suit Gundam models, but I don't know what different kinds of paints would do to the plastic SW figs are molded from, or what kinds of paints would stick best, etc.

    If I can learn to paint them, I could paint myself some Commanders, Sergeants, and Corporals, as well.

    I could also clean up my "battle damaged" POTJ Scout Troopers (I am NOT paying outrageous collector prices for a cleain one), another Hasbro move which annoyed the heck out of me.

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    well, i think you may get your wish later this year or early next year....BTW, welcome!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    i'm with you, scackmgack. i want i plain white one, a blue one, and a green. (i know there is a yellow in the works...)

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    What would be better is if they could stand at attention and not be posed. I would by clone trooper in every color if they were like this. (It would be great for a Palpatine and Senate review of the troops diorama).

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    that would be a good idea, but i doubt hasbro would do that....
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Anyone know what the delux clone looks like? You still might get your wish...

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    I would like to see Hasbro do another troop builder set - but with plain white clones. Decent articulation, no gimmicks.

    The stormies were a long time in coming. I would think they are selling well. Why not keep it going!!??

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    the deluxe clonetrooper is due out in december. i have no idea when we will see it.

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    where there amy plan white ones in the movie they all looked like they had some type of color but i have only seen the once.

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    Most of the Clonetrooper in the movie were white, I really want Hasbro to give us plain white ones with loads of articulation (don't forget the wrists!) and a removable helmet. And a blaster, obviously.
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