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    Have Ep I Battle & Pit Droid 2-packs...

    Non-Star Wars items:

    Onimusha 2 (Complete Set of 6)
    Movie Manics 5 (Complete Set of 6)

    Master of the Universe 2002
    - Any Figures, Beasts and Vehicles (Please e-mail your haves)

    G.I.Joe Series 2-up
    - Figures, Vehicles (Please e-mail your haves)

    Spider-man 2002
    - The Lizard
    - Dr.Octopus
    - Web Splasher Spider-man
    - Magnetic Spider-man
    - Web Climbing Spider-man
    - Water Web Shooting Spider-man
    - Hobgoblin


    TRU Exclusive X-Wing
    TRU Exclusive Landspeeder

    Playskool Falcon

    Unleashed Figures
    - Darth Vader
    - Anakin
    - Padme

    Jorg Sacul
    Star tours figures x 2 each

    Saga Figures
    - Darth Maul (Sith Training) x 2
    - Anakin (Tatooine Attack) x 2

    Ep I “loose” Dirty Battle Droids x 8

    Saga army builders
    - Battle Droids (Arena) Red movie accurate version
    - Red Senate Guards
    - Rebel Soldier w/out Beard

    Target Exclusive Trooper Access Sets
    - Hoth Survival x 2
    - Endor Victory x 6
    - Death Star x 6
    - Arena Conflict x 10

    Saga 12” Figures
    - Zam Wessel
    - Super Battle Droid x 2
    - Count Dooku
    - Dengar
    - Zuckus
    - Imperial Officer
    - Leia (Boushh)
    - Luke Skywalker w/Taun Taun
    - Elec. Jango Fett


    Applause Statues:
    - Bounty Hunter Statuette
    - Sandtrooper on Dewback Statuette
    - Han Solo in Carbonite Statuette

    - Greedo Large Bust

    Saga Figures:
    - Dexter with Insert
    - Geonosian Warrior with Insert

    - 300th Boba Fett .0100
    - Dirty Scout Trooper
    - Darth Vader/Maul: Masters of the Dark Side (in star case)
    - Carbon-Freezing Camber w/out Bespin Guard (MIMB)
    - Luke in Echo Base Bacta Tank
    - Slave Leia w/Sail Barge Cannon
    - Rorwarr the Wookie

    12” Exclusives
    - Complete Set of all 6 Cantina Band
    - Han with Tautaun
    - Luke with Wampa
    - Luke Skywalker w/Speeder Bike
    - Han Solo w/ Carbonite Block
    - Han & Luke Stormtrooper (KB)
    - AT-AT Driver (Service Merchandise)
    - Figrin D’an (Wal Mart)
    - Greedo (J.C.Penny)
    - Sandtrooper Orange Pad (Diamond)
    - Darth Vader Removable Helmet (Electronic)

    12” FIGURES
    - Luke Skywalker “Dark Blue”
    - Han Solo “Dark Blue”
    - Ben Kenobi “Dark Blue”
    - Darth Vader “Dark Blue”
    - Luke Bespin
    - Tuskin Raider w/gaderffi & warning sticker
    - Princess Leia
    - Boba Fett
    - Stormtrooper
    - Yoda
    - R5-D4
    - R2-D2
    - Luke X-Wing Pilot
    - Admiral Ackbar
    - Chewbacca
    - Tie Pilot
    - Emperor Palpatine
    - Grand Moff Tarkin
    - Snowtrooper
    - Greedo
    - Ponda Baba w/Warning Sticker

    POTJ 12” Figures
    - 4-LOM
    - Death Star Droid
    - Death Star Trooper
    - Darth Vader and Darth Maul
    - Capt. Tarpels w/Kaadu

    Ep I 12” Figures
    - Darth Maul
    - Battle Droid Commander
    - R2-A6
    - Pit Droids
    - Sebulba
    - TC-14 (Kay-Bee)
    - Chancellor Valorum w/ Coruscant Guard (Fan Club)

    Loose 12” Figures
    - Speeder Bike (no figures)
    - KB 3-pack Luke wearing 100th X-Wing outfit (have old outfit)
    - Biggs
    - Admiral Ackbar
    - Hoth Han
    - Hoth Luke
    - Darth Maul
    - Darth Vader Elec. Bank
    - Darth Maul Elec. Bank
    Ep I Bonus Pit Droid 2-packs (all with Star Case)
    - Anakin w/Red Pit Droid
    - Anakin w/White Pit Droid
    - Anakin w/Orange Pit Droid
    - Obi-Wan w/Red Pit Droid
    - Obi-Wan w/White Pit Droid
    - Obi-Wan w/Orange Pit Droid

    Ep I Bonus Battle Droid 2-packs (all with Star Case)
    - Yoda w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Darth Sidious w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - R2-D2 w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - C-3PO w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Nute Gunray w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Rune Haako w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Senator Palpatine w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Battle Droid Clean w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Battle Droid Dirty w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Battle Droid Shot w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Battle Droid Slash w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Anakin (Tatooine) w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Anakin (Naboo) w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Obi-Wan (Jedi Duel) w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Obi-Wan (Naboo) w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Knight) w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Qui-Gon Jinn (Naboo) w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Jar-Jar Binks w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Queen Amidala (Naboo) w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Queen Amidala (Coruscant) w/Bonus Battle Droid
    - Padme w/Bonus Battle Droid

    Ep I
    - Battle Damaged Destroyer Droid
    - Battle Droids .0100 (clean/slash/shot)
    - Oom-9 “rifle on side of package”
    - Qui Gon “soft goods”
    - Obi-Wan “soft goods”
    - Anakin Pilot
    - Darth Maul “soft goods”
    - Darth Maul Jedi Duel .00
    - Capt. Tarpels w/ warning sticker
    - Chancellor Valorum w/sticker .0000
    - Obi-Wan Jedi Duel .00
    - Qui-Gon Jedi Duel .00
    - Jar Jar .0100
    - C-3PO .00
    - R2-D2 “flat bubble”
    - Watto .00
    - Boss Nass .0000
    - Tatooine Accessory Set
    - Darth Maul w/Comm Tech reader gift set
    - Darth Maul vs. Obi-Wan: Final Lightsaber Duel

    Ep I multi-packs and vehicles
    - Eopie w/Qui-Gon (missing Eopie) Tomy sticker
    - Darth Maul Sith Speeder
    - Jabba the Hutt w/Announcer
    - Watto’s Box
    - Tatooine Showdown
    - Gungan sub w/Obi-Wan
    - Gungan Cannon w/Jar Jar
    - Kaadu w/Jar Jar
    - Opee w/Qui-Gon
    - Sebulba’s Pod Racer
    - Armored Scout (window box)
    - Flash Speeder
    - Stap and Battle Droid (1st version)
    - Stap & Battle Droid “Sneak Preview”

    - Jawa w/ Gonk (no holes on feet)
    - Stormtroopers

    - Chewbacca Hoth

    - Darth Vader w/removable helmet
    - Bespin Luke .00
    - Bespin Luke
    - Rebel Fleet Trooper “sticker” .01
    - Lobot
    - Leia Ewok “Marie”

    - Boba Fett col 3
    - Sandtroopers w/holo
    - Royal Guard
    - Stormtrooper w/holo
    - Lando Skiff Guard w/holo
    - Rebel Fleet w/holo col 1
    - R5-D4 w/ straight latch
    - Han Endor w/blue pants w/holo
    - Han Endor w/brown pants
    - Ben Kenobi w/out holo
    - Jawa w/holo
    - Tuskin Raider w/holo
    - Luke Ceremonial w/holo col 1
    - Leia Slave w/holo col 1
    - Malakili (Rancor Keeper) w/holo

    - Luke Skywalker: Long Saber
    - Luke: Short Saber
    - Ben: Head Short/Long tray
    - Ben: short saber
    - Darth Vader
    - Greedo
    - Sandtrooper
    - Death Star Gunner
    - Tie Pilot
    - Luke Dagobah
    - Luke Dagobah: Short Saber/Long Tray
    - Luke X-wing: Short Saber/Long Tray
    - Lando
    - Stormtrooper
    - Stormtrooper w/ holo
    - Custom Fett w/out helmet (black head)

    Beast Assort/Multi-figure packs/Deluxe
    - Dewback and Sandtrooper
    - Ronto and Jawa
    - Luke with Taun-Taun
    - Speeder Bike w/Luke (No Gloves)
    - Speeder Bike Power Racing
    - Death Star Escape
    - Cantina Showdown
    - Purchase of the Droids
    - Mynock Hunt
    - Final Jedi Duel
    - Jabbas Dancers
    - Jedi Spirits
    - Cantina Aliens
    - Jabba’s Skiff Guards

    Deluxe Figures
    - Probe Droid (GC)
    - Boba Fett (GC)
    - Crowd Control Stormtrooper (OC)
    - Snowtrooper w/Tri-Pod Cannon
    - Hoth Rebel Soldier
    - Luke and Vader from Board Game on Card
    - Luke Gunner Station .00 w/warning sticker
    - Han Solo Gunner Station .00 w/warning sticker
    - Darth Vader Gunner Station .00

    - Mace Windu
    - Spirit of Obi Wan
    - Kabe & Muftak

    - Darth Vader
    - Boba Fett
    - Stormtrooper
    - Darth Maul

    - Landspeeder
    - Swoop w/Pilot
    - Speeder Bike w/Scout Trooper x 3
    - Gungan Sub w/Obi Wan
    - Dewback w/Sandtrooper (no weapons)
    - Cantina Display inbox (no Sandtrooper)
    - Tat Planet and Endor Planet (no figures)

    - Destroyer Droid (tech)

    - Jawa

    “loose” Freeze Frames slides
    - At-At Driver
    - Endor Rebel Solider
    - Death Star Gunner
    - Death Star droid
    - Pote Snitkin
    - Ishi Tib
    - Luke Stormtrooper
    - Darth Vader Removable Helmet
    - Gamorrean Guard
    - 8D-8
    - Orrimaako (Prune Face)
    - Chewbacca w/Chain
    - C-3PO w/ Removable Limbs

    - Tie Fighter “yellowing body” C-7.5
    - Bossk C-9 w/weapon
    - Walrusman C-9 w/weapon
    - Squidhead C-9 w/o weapon & bottom cloth
    - Ree-Yees C-7 w/o weapon
    - At-At Driver C-7 w/weapon
    - Rebel Commando C-7 w/o weapon
    - Chief Chirpa C-7 w/o weapon


    Action Fleet Playsets “loose w/box”
    Naboo Hangar-Final Combat
    Mos Espa Market
    Mini Scenes “loose w/backing”
    Stap Invasion #1
    Destroyer Droid Ambush #2
    Gungan Assault #3
    Sith Pursuit #4
    Trade Fed. Raid #5
    Action Fleet Vehicles “loose”
    Trade Fed. MTT
    Platform Action Sets “loose w/box”
    Naboo Starship Repair
    Galactic Senate
    Naboo Temple Ruins
    Pod Race Area
    Transforming Action Sets “loose w/box”
    Jar Jar Binks Naboo
    Battle Droid / Droid Control Ship
    Vehicle / Figure Sets “carded”
    Die cast Trade Fed Fighter
    Die cast Sebulbas podracer
    Die cast Trade Fed Battleship
    Die cast Gain Speeder
    Micro Ep I col 2 mini figures and ships
    Micro Ep I col 4 mini figures and ships
    Micro EpI col 2 and 4 “loose”


    Action Fleet Playsets “loose w/box”
    Death Star
    Ice Planet Hoth
    Yavin Rebel Base
    Action Fleet Vechicles “loose”
    X-Wing x 2
    Y-Wing w/ Blue Leader
    Cloud Car
    Transforming Action Sets “loose w/box”
    Yoda Dagobah
    R2-D2 Jabba’s Palace
    Stormtrooper Death Star
    C-3PO Cantina
    Darth Vader Bespin
    Luke Skywalker Hoth
    Star Destroyer Space Fortress
    Rebel Transport
    Slave I
    Boba Fett Cloud City
    Royal Guard Death Star II
    Tie Fighter Pilot Academy
    Planet Playsets “loose w/box”
    Cloud City
    Planet Tatooine
    Planet Dagobah
    Ice Planet Hoth
    The Death Star
    Double Take “loose w/box”
    Death Star / Tat
    Adventure Gear “loose w/box”
    Vader’s Saber/ Death Star Trench
    Luke’s Binoculars/ Yarvin Base
    Battle Packs “loose”
    Rebel Alliance
    Galactic Empire
    Dune Sea
    Droid Escape
    Desert Palace
    Cantina Encounter
    Nien Numb/Greedo/Tuskin mini-head “loose”
    Figure Sets “loose”
    Echo Base Troops
    Rebel Pilots
    Imperial Officers
    Imperial Naval Troopers
    Tuskin Raiders
    Classic Characters

    - Battle Droid Frizz-be
    - Topper Cups:
    - Darth Maul
    - Nute Gunray
    - Yoda
    - Boss Nass
    - Mace Windu
    - Watto
    - Capt. Tarpels
    - R2-D2
    - Anakin
    - Jar Jar
    - Queen Amidala

    Magna series (Star Wars/Empire/Jedi)

    - Mer-man
    - Trap Jaw
    - Tri-Klops

    Master of the Universe (1982-1985)
    - Beast Man
    - He-man
    - Man-At-Arms
    - Mer-Man
    - Skeletor
    - Trap Jaw
    - Tri-Klops
    - Buzz-Off
    - Clawful
    - Fisto
    - Jitsu
    - Kobra Khan
    - Webster
    - Whiplash
    - Two Bad
    - Spikor
    - Hordak
    - Mantenna
    - Grizzlor
    - Leech
    - Modulok

    JLA Dark knight

    J’s Gang Power Throw
    Gotham Knight Batman (Return of the Joker)

    Scarecrow (bent corner)
    Wild Card Joker
    Harley Quinn
    Undercover Bruce Wayne
    Detective Batman
    Crime fighter Robin
    Crime Solver Nightwing

    Mission Masters
    MM 1 Insect Body Mr. Freeze
    MM 1 Riddler
    MM 3 Quick Change Superman


    Wal-Mart 2-packs
    Batman vs. Joker
    Batman and Robin
    Batman and Superman

    12” Animated Figures
    Harley Quinn

    Armor Core 1st 2 figures of series

    Front Missions 1st set of 5

    Tomb Raider 12” Playmates diorama
    Regular Outfit

    Matrix Figures

    Red Outfit Witchblade
    Ian Not 2nd figure
    Boba Fett is a wimp.......Bossk is the Lizard King!!!!

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    Darth Spear
    hey man how many red guards do you need>? im looking to get 300th boba or wattos box
    email me at


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