By now, most everyone knows that the B-wings are on clearance. I had tried to take back an old receipt the other day to get a price adjustment.

Apparently, it is Target's policy that they can't do a price adjustment after 14 days. Ok, fine,.... you wanna play games, I'll just bring back the ones I bought and get a refund at full price, and then repurchase them at clearance ($27.90).

After talking with the manager for a minute when he opened the doors this morning, he said that I could do that, but then would have to wait for them to be put back out on the shelf. Ok, fine. If we need to play that game, then I'll just buy a couple of them that are on the shelf right now and then return them with my old receipt so that I can keep the ones in nice boxes that I already have without waiting around for you guys to put mine back out.

So, that's what I did. And it worked out even better than I had anticipated......

When I picked out 2 to buy today to return later, one of the B-wings had a price tag of just $1.90. The DPCI number on the clearance sticker was correct, so they gave it to me at that price. My guess is that there was some sort of malfunction with the pricing gun, but, hey, it works out fine to me! I certainly don't mind saving $26 on the darned thing, especially if you guys are making it so hard to get them at the clearance price.

And just to make sure I didn't get any further hassle, I decided to wait til tomorrow to return the ones I just bought today on clearance for the full price (after I carefully remove the clearance stickers).

So, if anyone out there is picking these guys up, check the sticker price carefully. Maybe you can pick one up for just $2 like I did!!