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    Actually, I believe he though that re: was part of your comments twords him aikman. When you quote someone, you may actually want to use the quotes button. And I wasn't using a poor example, I was using your own example. If you don't like them, don't buy them. Simple enough.

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    I would really like to get these. I just wish I had a way to get them.
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    Oh...only 14 more days untill my Florida vacation and then I will have these little buggers in my hands for myself and JEDIpartnr.. HH
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    I got REX from a good friend of mine who picked 'em up in FL before they took them back down and actually, they look real good. REX is HUGE and his bubble is almost too big to fit into one of those star cases. I like him alot and I'm going to get the others when they come out here in So. Cal. Disneyland. I love droids and the more the better
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    Hey it's just another aspect of EU and like Dar' Argol says "IT'S ALL STAR WARS BABY!!!!!!"
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    Originally posted by scruffziller
    Hey it's just another aspect of EU and like Dar' Argol says "IT'S ALL STAR WARS BABY!!!!!!"
    Couldn't say it any better myself.

    I think I will try to get the, because the more droids, the better. :happy:

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    seriously, these figures are actually really cool. I was pretty doubtful untill I bought them in person. Granted I was going to get them anyway because I have always liked the characters. But I was amazed at the articulation and detail in rex. The droid that looks like he's a bunch of wires with binochulers on his head is also really cool too. I can understand about the R2 droid... but you can see through his head! atleast...

    The only real thing lacking is there are no acessories. like what about the bioculer head droid's blow torch to fix the r2 droid with?I mean, for ten dollars they could of given them something.

    I reccomend that everyone take a look at these.

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    I think they are pretty cool. I am trying to get them all, sadly it wont be in person.
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    i'd like them becacuse i enjoyed the ride when i was there, it would be cool to have them to look at and think of the ride and the fun times i had with my parents during that trip.

    i can see how people who have never been to disneyland or ridden star tours could not care at all.
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    I don't mean to be a jerk. I have been to the ride when I was a sophmore in high school (16) and a few years ago (about 24). I can honestly say I have no desire to own these figures at this time. However, I think they are ok and can see why people would want them. I may go back and try and get these after the entire line is done. Just like I did with the Ewoks and Droids line from the vintage era. I had no idea there were this many droids from the ride. I can only remember the Rex droid (I think that's his name). Are these other ones on your way to the ride itself? I just can't remember them.
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