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    I want them just b/c they plan to re-design the ride. In 10-20 years, I want to say "oh yeahhh...i remember those"
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    I have the first three and like them, but not because they're made by Hasbro or sold by Disney. I like them because they're fun toys and great souvenirs. And I didn't work on the ride, I only rode it a couple times.

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    Sean the Hutt
    I care! I love the ride....except pee wee's voice! That ride kept star wars fans going for years when there was nothing. and I mean NOTHING going on star wars wise!

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    I think they are very's nice to see something different instead of a billion lukes or 4 Greedos that look alike. Dont get me wrong I love each and every figure but change is nice.
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    I got some damaged mail last week, it this bag, and it reminded me of the old Kenner papers that were in SW vehicle boxes about if there were any problems with the toys, how to contact them. So, people really DO care. Even if they bump a Star Tours thread to do so.
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