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    Unhappy Deluxe Yoda and C3P0? Who has them?

    I havent found any of the new deluxes at my target or wal-mart. All i have been hitting is the teemto ki adi wave. Where is everyone getting the new deluxes from?

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    Target, I think.
    I, although, don't believe it. That's right! I think all of the west coast is just claiming to have stuff to aggravate us east coasters!
    The only thing I'm seriously beginning to doubt is the release of the maul/ani wave. Does ANYONE here have THEM???
    With one wing, one can only fly in circles

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    darth sidious said he saw teemto and ki-adi yesterday. he is in ohio......
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    hell teemto and ki-adi are everywhere- they aren't of concern
    With one wing, one can only fly in circles

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    hell with ki adi and teemto, they are going to be peg warmers! hahaha... i can see the future already... i want the NEW DELUXES! C3P0 and YODA!

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    I live in Arizona, on the West Coast, and I can tell you for certain that at least the deluxe C-3PO is out. At least it is over here. Yesterday, I went to 4 Targets and the 4th one was the only one to have the C-3PO, they had 5 or 6. Today, I went to yet another Target and they also had a couple of them. I know I'm not trying to aggravate you, just letting you know to keep your eyes open. I've only seen this at Target, and have not found the Yoda.
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    the yoda is problem like his basic one awlays flying off the self as soon as he goes up

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    hey! do not push over ki-adi and teemto! i just saw 2 yesterday of each and we left 1 teemto and he is gone! but, maybe a few weeks from now i will sing to a diffrent tune...
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Havent seen any yet in Pittsburgh, but I am drooling in anticipation

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    well if & when yall Do find em, & u decide u want 2 battledroids &/or conveyor belts,

    . . . be sure to check out my trade offer in case you can't think of what to do w/that xtra 3po, cuz a pal of mine wants me to find him a 3po so he doesn't have to buy the whole conveyor/battledroid setup


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