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    How do I use a template???

    Im wanting to make a Custom Carded Han Solo in Carbonite ESB Card?? I have the template and the pic I wanna use... Im using Adobe Photo Shop??? Im VERY new to this whole thing of customizing... how to I put the Han Solo Picture with the card... just be really good at cutting/pasting? Or is there a way to make a portion of the template transparent and put it over the Han Solo picture? Please let me know this would help me out alot!! Thank you!!
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    What do you all recommend...

    To round the corners on Vintage Custom Cards?? I know to use an Knife... but to get the shape... ne1??? And what type of glue would you recommend to glue the bubble onto photo paper???
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    My wife has some cutting tools she uses for scrap booking. They can round edges. Go to a craft store like Michael's and look in the craft department. They should also have glue for the bubble that dries clear.
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