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    Unhappy Need some help with custom 'stuff'...

    Hey all
    This is my first post here and well Im actually looking for some help/advice... I want to put my Vintage figures on Custom Cards... to make it look like their original packaging? If that makes sense? Im doing this now as a hobby well am starting to neways...
    What I need help with is... How in the world do you make the cards? I know I need a CD with all the pics of the cards and such... but how do I go about making them look professional and all??
    I know this is pretty vague but can someone possibly email me and give me a step by step process of how this is done? Im supposing Id have to take a picture disc on CD to a place like Kinko's and get the pictures/cards printed out to be given that 'glossy' apperence? And obviously I will have to buy some bubbles as well... Anyone have any advice as to where to start?
    Please email me at
    Thanks so much in advance!!
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    You can go to they have templates of vintage cards you can download. Also if you have a decent printer you can print them out yourself (that would save you money cause Kinkos charges for everything). The bubbles you can usually find on eBay just look in the Star Wars section and search under custom or customs. Hope that helps.

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    OK cool thanks for the site... but Im actually curious as to how to actually make it all... I dont mind going to Kinkos and getting them printed out but what kinda paper do I use? And at the end of it all what do I put them on to give them that 'thick' look... comic book backboards?? What kinda glue do I use for that? Generally my questions are on those.... in help woul dbe great!!! Thank you!!
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    Actually that site is pretty helpful (they have tips on how to make custom cards!!) and kinda leads me in a good direction!!! Im gonna dry this site!! THANKS!!!
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    Ugh the Vintage pictures for the old card backs on that site arent working anyone know of a site that has them? Please let me know!! Thanks!
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    Have a look over at . Every week there are a selection of vintage cardbacks being put up. If the card you want is not there, ask Gadders though email and he will post or send the one(s) you want (if you ask him nicely). Hope this helps.
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    Is KINKO's very good for getting...

    Custom back made for Vintage figures? Im wanting to get them professionally made... anyone ever used Kinko's at all? If so how were they?? Thanks!
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    Kinkos is expensive and less-than-careful and many in my area won't do the job because of the copyrighted nature of the cards. Also, on one job similar to what you're talking about, Kinkos charged me a fortune and when I looked carefully, they had let the ink run so none of the lines were smooth.
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    What materials does everyone use to make custom cards?

    Im still new to the worl of CUSTOMIZING Vintage figures... What I was think was using a glossy type Epson Photo Paper... and then using a spray glue a gluing the photo to a comic book back board.... and trimming any excessive paper??
    Anyone have any tips???
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    Saga Cardback Templates

    Anyone know where I can get templates of the Saga cardback?? I've tried FFURG but they only have up to the POTJ line.


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