Hey all
This is my first post here and well Im actually looking for some help/advice... I want to put my Vintage figures on Custom Cards... to make it look like their original packaging? If that makes sense? Im doing this now as a hobby well am starting to neways...
What I need help with is... How in the world do you make the cards? I know I need a CD with all the pics of the cards and such... but how do I go about making them look professional and all??
I know this is pretty vague but can someone possibly email me and give me a step by step process of how this is done? Im supposing Id have to take a picture disc on CD to a place like Kinko's and get the pictures/cards printed out to be given that 'glossy' apperence? And obviously I will have to buy some bubbles as well... Anyone have any advice as to where to start?
Please email me at _5_1_5_0_@yahoo.com
Thanks so much in advance!!