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    Angry ki-adi-mundi does not stand up!

    i just got him and he does not stand up without the use of a commtech chip. anyone else have this problem?????
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    I'm not having this problem. Is the feet of yours slightly warped or anything? Try adjusting the figure a little and working with his stance some.

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    the feet are warrped, i think. it looks to me that either the saber and blast efect are too heavy for him to maintain balance without support.
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    REAL Action Stands, baby!!! No Star Wars collection stands up (well, or for long) without 'em!

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    i don't have any "REAL" stands...just commtech chips.
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    My KI stands tall! Although, I don't use the blast effect on mine. BTW, the detail on the EP II KI is way better than EP 1.
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    The Saga figures all stand up... eventually. Give it a day or two. I had a hard time standing him up at first but after a day he stood fine. He just had to adjust. I had the hardest time standing up Kit Fisto. It took about 3 days for him to stand easily. But time always lets them sink into a comfy stance.
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    he stood up when i put his left arm to where the saber is pointing forwards. but i can't have the deflection thing on the saber unless he is on a CTC.
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    It must be a Ki-Adi Mundi thing, because my E1 Ki-Adi would never stand well for me either. Must be that big ol' conehead he has to hold up.
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    Just bend the legs a bit, works every time.

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