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    Talking am i seeing what i think i'm seeing??

    i am isn the prosses of watching the trailer! it's a slow downloader, but i'll be back in a while...

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    ha ha ha very funny.

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    To view the Trailer ki-adi-mindi's bro is downloading, go to this webpage...

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    or go to to see it! it's the authintec one!

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    Nope, sorry, there's no authentic trailer out on TFN or the site. You are NOT seeing what you think you are seeing.
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    yes i am! it has everything on it that would be on the real trailer! go to and see it!!!!!!!!! it has lucasfilms ltd at the begginging and there is no way a person or any other group can get all the new footage by themselves! lucas is too smart for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is not the teaser trailer (that will be available for download as of November 9th). This is a video titled "Choices". It is similar to the "Making of" series of videos available on the official site. Do you have Episode 1 on DVD already KAM's Bro? That is apparently the only way to download this video at this time. I tried to type in in my browser, but the page would not open (I assume because I don't own TPM on DVD yet).
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    we will find out the truth tomorrow...

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    Thumbs up

    Tomorrow is the big day, just one more day to wait.
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