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  • The Speeder Bike blasts its way to the Top!

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  • Luke's Landspeeder has victory set on cruise control!

    47 30.72%
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    No speederbike will ever be as good as the landspeeder or even the Flashspeeder. The floating wheel action is so slick compared to the "manual action" needed to play with the bikes. Plus you can do the old crash and bash with the speeders and pop open the hoods when they make impact. Besides that the speeders can hold more figures than the bikes.

    Yes, the bikes may be good for diorama building, but as for the actual toy appearance and playability there's no comparison. Luke's speeder all the way.
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    I voted for the Landspeeder. I really think they did an excellent job of retooling the mold to make it look closer to it's movie counterpart. I like the Speeder Bike, too, but Luke personal transport has the edge in my opinion. Of course, I hadn't bothered to look at the new Speeder before I voted. It's sweet, by the way.
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    By the way, wasn't it great back when Hasbro designed MOST of the figures so they could be used in the vehicles?
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    Well, to answer some concerns, I had 8 lightweights:

    the STAP
    Sith Speeder
    Swoop Bike

    Zam Wessel's speeder
    Anakin Skywalkers
    the Flash Speeder
    Luke's Landspeeder

    So I pitted them all against each other in groups like you see the two pairs of 4's here.

    Could any of these really take on the B-wing, Y-wing, or the TIE's that have done so well in these contests?

    So, it does give one of them the chance to get pretty far. I mean the Y-wing was eliminated in the preliminaries, but it made sense to keep those fighters in a group of their own (there were 8 of them too) and see which will be the favorite???

    As far as the largest vehicles go, there are only 3: The Falcon, Royal Starship, and the AT-AT. They all could have been pitted against swoops and speederbikes and still ended up facing each other later, rather than sooner, but the results would've been the same: You guys chose the AT-AT. (The Gunship and Tyderium do not qualify until you guys own them - long after this contest is finalized).

    So yes, it does look like the speederbike could take on the AT-AT in a Finals tournament, but the other 2 Semi-Finals could be very interesting, as could one of the 2 Finals matches wind up being very close.

    Last but not least, even in going after the AT-AT (if it makes it to the championship), the ship that runs the gauntlet through these tougher fights might have the mettle to take on the Imperial's juggernaut. You never know.

    There's still some things to be of interest left to go in these fights, ya know!
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    While the POTF2 Landspeeder looks better than the original, my vote is for the Speeder Bike.

    Many of the other posters have listed the great paint, scultp and what-not of both vehicles, when plaing w/ them, I always had more exciting playtime w/ the Speeder Bike.

    While I'm not in love w/ the Landspeeder, I will be getting the new TRU version that comes w/ the 49th Tatooine Luke since the line was relaunched in '95.

    I'm eagerly awaiting the special 50th Tatooine Luke that comes specially packaged w/ a list of all 50 different versions: He-Man Luke, Luke w/ his hat, Luke w/o his hat, Luke w/ brown socks... but I digress...

    Speeder Bike all the way!
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    I choose the speeder bike. The landspeeder just sits there while the speeder bike has alot more things it can do.(i.e.) shoot ewoks,shoot rebels, blow up. I would never vote for the landspeeder.In fact mine is in a junkyard diorama.
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    I cant vote for some reason,but if I could I go with The landspeeder,I like every feature on it.The speederbike is crap,I dont like fell apart every time i picked up.So I am with the Landspeeder all the way,although its most likely gonna lose.
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    Hey! Where's the third semi-final poll?!? Friday has come and gone!

    Will it be TIE Interceptor vs TIE Bomber?
    Or The Naboo N-1 vs Jango's Slave-1?
    or will the TIE Bomber find itself against S-1 and the TIE-I battle the N-1?
    or even a Bomber/N-1 matchup and an Interceptor/Firespray showdown!

    Either way.....get to work, Tycho! Weesa waitin! Friday is FIGHT NIGHT!
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    I believe Tycho is with Steve at the SDCC helping with coverage so he'll probably get to it soon.
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    Thanks for your patience guys.

    JediTricks was right. I was helping SirSteve at Comic Con and stayed late into the night at the after-Con parties so I didn't get a BOTM fight up Friday.

    But as most of you probably know by now, Semi-Final Fight 3 is up and running with the Bomber vs. the Interceptor. I wanted to round out the battles for the title of the ultimate Classic Starfighter. Right now, that looks like it will be the TIE Interceptor.

    Meanwhile, thank you all so much for your interest in BOTM's!!!

    It is making this feature really worthwhile for me to set up the matches and bring you Fight Nights when I've heard how so many of you enjoy and appreciate these.

    Somehow I think we'll end up doing ranking matches after a Champion Title-holder is chosen. Thanks again for helping make these a lot of fun for all of us!!!


    I voted for Luke's Landspeeder by the way.... I think. Then again, I can't remember. It was really busy with the Con going on, and each craft has its merits. Grrrrr. Now I'm unsure how I feel about this...

    But at this stage, the Speederbike has already won. Though I'm not sure it was deserving...
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