It's almost all over and and exactly one ship or vehicle will get to claim the Championship Title as the Ultimate, Best Hasbro Star Wars Toy of All-Time!

Tonight the king of the lightweights will be ultimately decided.

Luke Skywalker's landspeeder beat Zam Wessel's airspeeder 85-80 in a hotly contested match where Luke sneaked past the bounty hunter with just 52% of the 165 votes. The Landspeeder seats 2 action figures in the front, while 2 more, including droids, can ride on the back behind the seats. Spring-loaded wheels help the Landspeeder look like it's floating as it rolls over hardfloors. But for fun spin-outs on the rug, shift the drive gear back and the wheels hide inside for the least resistance on carpeting. Pop open the hood to make engine repairs, or at least admire the decale that lets you pretend that's what you're doing. Luke's Landspeeder is also detailed with one engine panel removed, the turbine exposed for added realism. The Landspeeder also beat the Naboo's Flash Speeder 51-20 for a win carrying over 71% of the votes.

Challenging Luke are 3 riders including both "his clone" and his twin sister on the Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike, which was featured in Return of the Jedi. This vehicle has been packed with every known movie pilot which today includes its standard pilot, the Imperial Scout Trooper, as well as Leia, Luke himself, and Ewok Scout Paploo. All of the pack-in figures are available in other venues (save for Paploo) be it a carded figure, or a Millennium Minted Coin box figure. Meanwhile, the speeder bike features a pivoting blaster cannon, braking flaps that operate remotely when the foot pedals are moved, and an explosive battle damage feature that causes the craft to blow apart when the camouflage jacket is pressed down on the rear of the craft.
The Speederbike defeated the Swoopbike 82-23 carrying 78% of the vote to its victory. It did similarly well against a Battledroid on a STAP in the Quarterfinals, where the Imperial Speederbike finished 135-35 carrying 79% of the vote (out of 170) for another perfect finish.

So which craft will last out of the Semi-Finals and attempt to go all the way?

The champion of the lightweights is....