This may seem like a simple question, but I'm still kind of a rookie when it comes to vintage.

The vintage figs were stamped with a date (usually on the leg). Was this the date that the mold was cast or the actual date the figure was manufactured?

For example Darth Vader was produced and stamped 1977. Obviously the original 12 backs would be stamped 1977. But what about the Darth Vader released on the ROTJ card? Would it still be stamped 1977 or 1983?

I am assuming that it serves as a type of "copy right" so all vintage Darth Vaders would be stamped 1977. Hence it would be impossible to determine the actual "age" of a loose vintage figure.

Also, I am aware that Kenner had a habit of taking back unsold figures and re-packing them on newer cards.