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    I guess I'll just leave!

    It's obvious that I can't do anything to please you people. I do nothing wrong and you go about insulting me and saying how I constantly post off-topic remarks, etc. etc. etc. You make outrageous claims like "There's no reasoning with this buffoon!" and that you won't listen to me and don't take me seriously and whatnot.

    So I guess I'll just depart.
    Last edited by DeadEye; 07-25-2002 at 11:18 PM.

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    before you go, let's have some more natalie stories. i heard from someone you know her. what is she like?

    and post your password, with it in public domain, you'll get 10,000 post by next month, easy!

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    Fick them. Don't listen to the bantha poo.
    Be not afraid of any man, no matter what his size. When danger threatens call on me, and I will equalize.

    19th century ad for Colt revolvers

    Be wary of the man who only has one gun...for he probley knows how to
    use it.

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    Finally, someone who appreciates me. Dark Knight, I've helped you with gun problems right?
    Derek, I've told you about Natalie at least twice're just hoping I can provide you with more ammo to fuel the flames. When I first joined these forums I thought you and I could be games online together and whatnot...oh well.

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    i don't know who you told, but it wasn't me. i probably forgot to log out at the library again and some joker was using my account. one time i had about 100 posts and then i came back a week later, and the library lady was looking at me funny and then i was over 500 posts. i'm always doing this. so, you really know natalie portman? what's she like?

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    Didn't you start the thread called "DeadEye, you know Natalie Portman?" And it turned into a flame war. Dude, I swear you've PMed me this before.

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    no, it wasn't me. i've never spoken with you in my life. are you that gun dude who looks like rusty yates?

    you know any natalie portman websites i can visit on a daily basis? i'm just not getting enough natalie news here.

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    What the hell do you mean you've never spoken to me in your life? We've talked about Portman, and talked about playing MOHAA online used to have video card questions and whatnot. I liked the old derek better! Bring the old derek back!!!

    I've posted several pics of my gorgeous bod before, yes... But I don't know who rusty yates is.

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    Look dude, drop the ego, the spam, and the friggin' arguementative posts, and people will like you.

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    Yeah, that's fine--but aside from the ego, I don't have any of those problems.
    Yeah, sure, I have an ego. But I'm young, and skilled in a great many things....anyway, I have my reasons. But let's not mention that. For one thing, spam??? I don't think I've spammed since I was a Jedi Ambassador. And argumentative posts? You can't have an argument unless there's multiple parties, you know...


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