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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    TRU seems to be run by chimps.
    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that were really the case.
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    Where once it amused me, I no longer find it funny when toy stores remark that certain toys sell like crazy, but they prove completely unable to stock more.

    Me: "When might you possibly be getting more [place awesome toy here] in stock?

    Salesperson: "Those toys sell like crazy. Every time they come in, they're purchased before the end of the day."

    Me: "Ah, then you guys are probably going to get some more since they sell so well."

    Salesperson: "I doubt it. We haven't ordered any."

    Me: ???????????
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    Re: Stikfas: the coolest figures ever

    Resurrecting this thread to see if anyone has started to collect these. They look very cool (two page spread in the entertainmnet earth catalogue) but I do not know anyone that has them.

    Any comments?

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    Re: Stikfas: the coolest figures ever

    I temporarily stopped collecting these simply because they became impossible to find what with Hasbro & Stikfas splitting up after Hasbro's not-quite-stellar distribution and manufacturing (also because the Xevoz line kinda distracted my admiration for this line), but I have been mega-tempted by the ninja packs and the cowboy pack, they'd go great with the Stikfas figs I already have now.
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