I just picked up a Stikfa kit today, and let me say I haven't had this much fun with a figure since..... since super-poseable spider-man, but even HE has limits- this goes beyond them.
It's 3" tall with 14 points of articulation. and while this is a relatively low number, here's the kicker: they're ALL ball joints and they all work incredibly.
They come with thousands of accessories, LOTS of guns, a shield, a ladder (I attached mine to the side of my moniter, so I can have him hanging off, shooting at me), etc. etc. the list goes on. And one of the coolest features is how customizeable they are. They come with this sticker sheet jam packed with belts, faces, eyes, mouths, tatoos, symbols, numbers- the whole shabang! and he comes with four different torso's to stickerfy!
So that's great and all, but what about going a little further and mixing it up with what I think is safe to say our favorite line? Well guess what- LIGHTSABERS FIT THEIR HANDS!!! blasters too!!! So here you are with this figure that has no limits in articulation with no limits of customizeablity. And to seal it all of, guess what- they stand up. in nearly


unless it defies gravity, they'll do it.

Get one of these. Hell, get ten! I'm going in tomorrow for a second helping. and at $10 each, it really is a steal.

I give them a 10/10