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    need advice on guns and women

    i was just wondering, if i could only take one item to a deserted island, it would be either a gun or a woman. both are very useful. with a gun, i could kill things and eat them, but if i had a woman, i would have a friend and someone to talk to, or actually someone to listen to, since i've heard women like to talk. are there any experts on guns and women in this forum that could help me out? and i need answers quick, because the library is closing soon.

    and if someone could tell me the best way to get either a gun or a woman i would appreciate it.

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    Dear Abby,

    I like women and like guns. How can I get women to like me when I like to put the two desires together.

    Lonely in Saint louis

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    I hope I am not ruffling any feathers here but are you and deadeye either the same person or two people working together? This whole thing seems like an Andy Kaufman stunt, some kind of post-modern dystopian dinner theatre.

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    i don't have feathers
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    Derek, please don't bait the fish. That species is way to easy to catch, and really doesn't taste very good. You would be better off with a nice Klondike Bar.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Thank you so much!!! I love you, derek!!! This is my kind of thread!!! THE SAME THREAD I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR EVER SINCE I JOINED!!!!

    Guns and women...I'd say take a gun. You will eventually get sick of the woman, and vice versa, and she might not be all that useful (no offense to female forumites) depending on the situation.

    Assuming you have ample ammunition, a gun would be most useful. The 10mm round is the most versatile all-around bullet in the world today--ceramic Level IV body armor, even capable of stopping rifle rounds almost indefinitely, is useless against 10mm rounds. The 10mm round combines the awesome instant killpower of a good old .45 with the high-velocity armor-piercing abilities of a Magnum round. And the gun you should use, of course, would be the Heckler & Koch submachine gun chambered for 10mm. With a collapsible stock, it can be used in long- and short-range situations, and its ammo can kill basically anything you'd come up against.
    Plus, if you're alone long enough, you'll begin to anthropomorphize inanimate objects, like Tom Hanks did to the volleyball in Castaway. The gun would become your best friend.

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    o.k., go a little slower. i need some more info about women before i make a decision. now i do like shooting things, but as much as i talk to my grand daddies gun, it never says anything. i think i would get very lonely if i didn't have a woman to listen to. can you tell me some women and gun stories, then i will be in a better position to make a decision.

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    Easy: Take both. If you both have equal weapon opportunitys, then theres a chance she could kill you so you wouldn't take up as much of the resources, but if you had the gun, then you could have an advantage. However it may just be easier to get a gun and a volleyball named "Wilson."
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    Like I said, instead of talking to "Wilson," you could just talk to the gun.

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    Anthropomorphize!!! Pretty big word, do you know how to load it?


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