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    Simpsons, Superheroes, Star Trek Mego, Star Wars, etc. for trade

    Hello, I am getting rid of alot of extra Non Star Wars stuff for more Star Wars stuff and Indiana Jones stuff. LMK if you want to trade. Also have tons of comics, just let me know what you like.


    -loose THOH 2 (No figs, but everything else)
    -Loose comic shop playset ( No fig, but evrything else)
    -misc figs (Ser.4-8)
    -Spooky light-ups
    -Celebrity Series 1 (all 3)

    (Star Trek)
    74' MEGO Dr. McCoy (c5-c6, carded)
    74 MEGO Spock (C9, carded, Unpunched)

    -JLA Batman, Robin, Superboy, Superman, Azrael
    -Batman 2 packs(Wal-Mart) last year's
    -9" Guardian of Gotham Batman/ Bruce Wayne (Target
    -Marvel Masterpiece Black Widow
    -2 Punisher figs 93,94

    (Star Wars)
    -Darth Maul Sith Lord X 3
    -Obi WAn (soft goods) X 2
    -Anakin Pilot X 2

    -Luke Dagobah LS (OC)
    -Darth Vader LS (OC)
    -Stormtrooper (OC)
    -Luke Jedi Tan Vest (OC)
    -Boba Fett (OC)

    -8D8 Droid (FF)
    -AT-AT Driver (FF) X 2
    -Ben Kenobi (FF) X 2
    -Bespin Luke (FF) X 4 ( both .00 and .01)
    -Biggs (FF)
    -C-3PO (FF) X 2
    -Chewie chains (FF) X 2
    -Death Star Droid (FF)
    -Endor Soldiers (FF) X 3
    -Han Carbonite (FF)
    -Hoth Soldiers (FF) X 2
    -Lando General (FF) X 3
    - " Skiff (FF) X 3
    -Lobot (FF)
    -Luke Stormtrooper (FF) X 2
    -Luke Ceremonial (FF) X 4
    -Luke Blastshield (FF) X 2
    -Mon Mothma (FF)
    -Pruneface (FF)
    -Pote Snitkin (FF)
    -Leia new likeness (FF) X 3
    - " Slave (FF) X 3
    - " Ewok (FF) X 3
    -Leia Hoth (FF) X 10
    -R2-D2 (FF) X 2

    -Yoda (Flashback)
    -Beru (Flashback)

    -Darth Vader (Commtech) X 5
    -Stormtrooper ( Commtech) X 3
    -R2-D2 Holo Leia (Commtech) X 3

    -Rebel Blockade Runner vehicle
    -Tie Bomber
    -Speederbike W/Scout (orange box)

    -Death Star Escape Playset X 2
    -Detention Block Rescue Playset X 2
    -Freezing Chamber Playset X 3

    -Rebel Pilots (CS) X 4
    -Jabba Skiffs (CS) X 2

    -Amanaman DLX X 3

    -Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (EP. 2)
    -Massif (Ep.2)
    -Djas Puhr

    -Luke Bespin (magnet hand) X 2
    -Han Solo Endor (saga)
    -Chewie (Saga)

    -Any Vintage Star Wars figures MOMC C9+
    -Any Indiana Jones figures MOMC C9+

    -Pit Droids 2 pack
    -Queen Amidala( Coruscant)
    - " " ( Battle)
    -Sio Bibble
    -Red R2 unit from Queen's spaceship

    -Boba Fett (FF)
    -Captain Piett (Both) (FF)
    -Darth Removeable (FF)
    -Death Star Trooper (FF)
    -Emperor's Royal Guard (FF)
    -Garindan (FF)
    -Ree-Yees (FF)
    -Zuckuss (FF)

    -Leia Hooded (Commtech)
    -Motti (Commtech)
    -Wuher (Commtech)

    -All Expanded Figures

    -Tattoine Skiff

    -Han Stormtrooper mail away
    -Wedge (blister carded)**
    -Scanning troopers (blister carded)**

    -Han Tauntaun (Beast)
    -Luke Wampa (Beast)

    -Mynock Hunt
    -Watto's Box

    -Toy Fair Vader
    -Jorg Sacul

    Thanks and LMK if we can trade, Johnny

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    -Death Star Droid (FF)
    -Pote Snitkin (FF)
    -Leia Hoth (FF)

    -Yoda (Flashback)

    -Darth Vader (Commtech)
    -Stormtrooper ( Commtech)
    -R2-D2 Holo Leia (Commtech)

    -Tie Bomber

    -Amanaman DLX X 3

    Do you need anythign else not on your wants list or coudl you sell me any of this?

    Want A Canadian Exclusive Kelloggs Clone Trooper Helmet?

    I more SAGA, OC, GC, FF, FB if there is anythign you missed




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    I do have the red starship unit

    How much stuff would you give me for it off my list?


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    boba fett

    question for you. is your OC boba fett on a .00 or .01 card. does it have full circles or half circles on its hands.....


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    Full circles

    I actually looked at it today, It had a .00 sticker voer the .01

    I don't remember where i got it from

    Red r2 unit?



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