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    Smile PEZ disgusts me.

    Why do I eat this stuff?

    I just opened my new Jango dispenser, and as if the Grape is not putrid enough . . . along comes the Lemon.
    I'm such a fool because I go thru this EVERY Time I get a new PEZ dispenser. A few weeks ago, it was the clonetrooper. So why don't I just throw it out?

    And what's with the aftertaste?
    Is it because I'm not eating them sparingly, one at a time out of the dispenser -- but rather by the mouthful, pouring the whole package down my gullet?

    And why isn't there Cherry flavored? Jerry O'Connell talks about it in Stand By Me, why can't we get Cherry PEZ ?

    Alright, just wondering how many people like this confection, I'm sure many of you buy the Star Wars pieces . . .

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    Jango is a bad guy. Try eating some Pez from one of the good guys instead.

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    I like the orange and the strawberry flavors.
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    Pez is nasty. Who wants to eat fruit flavored chalk. I'll stick to Wild Berry Skittles for candy cravings. I need to get a bag after seeing "Goldmember" tomorrow.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Originally posted by stillakid
    Jango is a bad guy. Try eating some Pez from one of the good guys instead.
    Nope, Chewie and Wicket had the same effect.

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    Re: PEZ disgusts me.

    The title of this forum is one of the funniest I've seen.

    I suppose PEZ is more of a ritual than a snack.
    I've always thought it was odd eating little soap shaped vitamin tasting candies out of a cartoon/movie characters neck.


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    My favorite flavor is lemon, I think it's quite tasty. I didn't know it offended.
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    The lemon ones remind me too much of Pledge.

    I like the purple ones.

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    Strawberry is really the only one I'll eat. I have Wicket, Leia and 3PO carded.

    Need to get a Clone Trooper, that sounds cool!
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    PEZ isn't as easy to get here in the UK, but you still see it in some shops. I don't think we can get the Star Wars PEZ here though we're just stuck with stupid Disney Characters.
    After trying a PEZ I know why it's not widely sold here, it's DISGUSTING!!! When I've had one I look like a dog eating a sticky toffee!

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