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    What Role Do You Think You Play In the SSG Forums Family?

    This was prompted by another post in a different thread.

    I Tycho, will go first.

    I still maintain I'm probably the twisted, red-headed step-child around here: immature, annoying, precocious, but might be missed if he didn't make it to the family table.

    Thanks for all the love guys. It sort of lends to making me tolerable.

    ADDENDUM: Why do I think at least half the mods are going to say they play the role of Tycho's babysitter?
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    Just label me the Eccentric Uncle.

    That's yet to be defined.....
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    I'm the brother who doesn't speak up all too much...mostly keeps to himself...but from time to time will drape Tycho's hand in warm water while he sleeps so he'll wet the bed.

    Oh yea, I also have the bedroom next to the mom's room, (AKA Slicker's Mom) that has the peephole into.
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    I'm the creepy molestor uncle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack View Post
    Oh yea, I also have the bedroom next to the mom's room, (AKA Slicker's Mom) that has the peephole into.
    So at least I know who's watching Slicker's mom & I, during & after the action figure fest. You sick freak you.

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    I am that person that everyone else wonders why in the heck they are at this reunion.

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    I'm an agitator and smart aleck. I sit quietly in the corner until provoked. Then I stir the pot and try to tick off as many people as I can.
    "I'm sick and tried of these motherfrakkking Sith on this motherfrakkker plane!"
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    I'm the guy that farts in your cereal when you go to get the milk. Then I laugh because you're eating my fart.
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    I'm the one who everyone just knows as "that guy". The one who shows up at the reunion, and everyone knows that I actually do belong there, they just can't for the life of them remember who I am.

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    I am the guy giving kids the alcohol
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