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    Exclamation Scout Trooper Costume

    I want to dress up like a Scout Trooper for Halloween. Here's the problem: the online stores that advertise having the Deluxe Trooper Mask (yeah, the $700 one) won't respond to my queries...and I understand that all the armor manufacturers have been forced underground.

    Does anybody know a) who I can get a Don Post Deluxe Scout mask from and/or how to contact Don Post directly and b) which back-alley I could get some armor from?


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    You could check ebay
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    So, after looking everywhere online, I eventually just called the Don Post company directly to see what was up. Turns out that they only ever made 25 of the Don Post Deluxe Biker Scout helmets.

    As luck would have it for me, one of the employees had one and needed to sell off some things to help finance a divorce (bad for him). A quick drive across the Valley about fifteen minutes away (with a side stop at the bank for some cash) and my long search was over.

    It remains one of my favorite Star Wars collectibles.

    Sometime after that, I found someone online selling Biker Scout armor pieces. I still need to assemble proper boots, but I have everything else to "specs." I've only had the opportunity to wear it out once, a Halloween party many years ago for the kids. Since then, my son has grown up so much that it looks like he'll fill the costume by this coming Halloween.

    At some point, I'd like to get a mannequin so I'll always have a Scout Trooper loitering around.

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    Congrats on scoring that helmet! It's just too bad that guy's marriage had to fall apart for you to get it.

    Sooooo, when did you get it? How much did it set you back? and, do you have any photos of the costume?
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    I've always liked the Scout Trooper outfit. If you have pictures then definitely put 'em up.
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    I have this Star Wars Nerd costume.

    I put it on in 1977 and have never been able to take it off.

    Congratulations on your treasure find, Stillakid!
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    We need pictures!
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    Theres this costuming club, perhaps you heard of it? When you get your costume together look us up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker View Post
    I've always liked the Scout Trooper outfit. If you have pictures then definitely put 'em up.
    I have some pics of myself in a Cruisemissile Trooper totally pwns the Biker Scout costumes I've seen out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobafrett View Post
    Theres this costuming club, perhaps you heard of it? When you get your costume together look us up!
    Yeah, I actually "joined" 501 but never did anything with it. Was also a member of the specific BikerScout group too, but same thing. I just wanted the thing, but never had the gumption or desire or time to go "trooping." Just not my thing.

    I have to dig pix out of the files. The armor is sitting in storage with most of my toys, but the helmet is on display here at home. I had the Don Post Deluxe (ESB version) out for a long time too, but put it away for a while.


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