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    Tactics on looking for figures

    I was looking at walmart this morning and realized something. I am very lazy when it comes to looking for figures, especially if I have to move the less important ones to the side. Right now I need KE jango then TA anakin and new DM. But I dont try to search thru the piles of pegs stuff to the maximum. I just filter thru the first row by glimpsing and look at the sides of any open rows, but other than that nothing. I was wondering if anyone else did this or do you guys, hit every peg with deep sincerity??

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    I don't really bother to look too hard for a particular figure... I just hate the disappointment when I put in all the effort for nothing... Somehow casually I just manage to find what I want and need when I just do not try to look very hard... Guess I must be pretty lucky eh...

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    I peek at the sides and usually just dig through something. If I'm willing to spend money on it, and it's there, by golly I'm gonna find it. If it's not then fine, I'll grab an army builder. If I hadn't of looked hard one day I wouldn't of found my first Saga Endor Han nor all the background figures.
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    I'll rearrange the entire aisle if I need to, though lately the pegs are so stuffed that the figures I need are right up front in large quantities, so I don't have to dig through to the back. Every once in a while there's a hidden gem at the back, however....

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    I always dig.
    Because like Forhekset says you never know what you'll find.

    I went digging at a TRU a month ago and found a preview Jango buried behind a ton of Ketwols and Mechanic Chewies.
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    People sometimes hide the hard-to-find figures in the back of the pegs, behind masses of other, more common figures. I suppose they plan to return for them later?...

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    I dug and found the only Yoda on a display of probably 200 figures. It was right at the back and burried. I'm sure many people didn't bother digging when all they saw was warmers at the front. But it was right at the back last one! Sweet find.

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    Dig Baby, Dig

    I always dig! I looka t every figure and also look for variations. I even go to the other toy isles to see if little kids have moved them, or if people have hidden some. And I USUALLY do find it worth it. I like the search. If I didnt they I could just order them online!!! Searching is the best part

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    There is a great deal of fun in the chase.
    But it is nice when your perseverence is rewarded.
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    You've got to dig! Digging makes us who we are. I once looked at the Wal-Mart racks and saw nothing of I prepared to leave, I decided to take one last look. I dug through the racks and, hidden in the back, was the new Chewie.


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