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    Welcome Friends!!

    I'm starting a new thread to make up for some of the numerous ones that got closed during SSG's "full moon fever".
    Those who know me here, hello. To all those I have never spoken with, Hello to you as well. This is a community, and one that I am proud to be a member in (at least) fair standing.
    We all came here for one thing, our love of a great sci fi uhhhhh, well, it was a trilogy when I first came to this site, but now I can't think of what to call it.
    Anyways, Star Wars brought me here, and I ASSume that everyone else here was drawn by the same thing. I LOVE Star Wars, (EU is a different story), and so I automatically like and respect you all on that one fundamental level.
    Lately there have been problems, mostly with people forgetting why they're here in the first place- FUN. Now, I know that in speaking with each other about many different things, many differences have become clear. If everyone here parrotted what everyone else said, there'd be no point. If I have ticked people off in the past (a certain RIP thread comes to mind), I'm sorry, you are ALL my friends and if there's bad blood, I want to take care of it, because I want to do as much as I can to keep this community healthy.
    If you feel stuff getting out of control, remember why we're here. Remember that at the core, we're all basically here for Star Wars. Sirsteve and the mods and the staff do a real good job, and lately their job has gotten too hard. We are in danger of destroying our own "society" (at this point I would not be surprised if this whol;e section got shut down) with the very things that make it great, the freedom of opinion that allows a solid exchange of opinions.
    PLEASE, everyone, we gotta live together, or they'll shut us down, and it would break my heart to lose this place- PLEASE, before another Flame War erupts, remember that we should be friends, and at least respect if not actually love one another.
    No I am NOT high right now!!
    I'm just scared that, if we all don't start "self policing", both internally and externally, then the mods will have no choice but to get rid of the whole thing.
    PLEASE don't get mabudon's thread closed. I know what's going on, and I want to try and calm the raging flood. You don't want this to end, do you??
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    I don't know what I'd do if this place closed, it's the only reason why I come onto the Internet. Hopefully everything will calm down and get back to normal soon!

    "You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you!" - Obi-Wan Kenobi
    "There's a gentleness about a total Star Wars geek that is sublime."- Rick McCallum
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    Well like all large groups there is always the occasional fight or disagreement.

    We just like to overdo everything.

    I agree with Mabudon, we're here to talk with and meet other people with common interests (Star wars natch') so think we should just relax and if somebody's saying something you don;t like or if they annoy you, just let it go, walk away, don't respond to them.

    So let there be peace!
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    Good idea Mabudon. I think almost everyone that was on-line last night suddenly was affected with what you call, "Full Moon Fever". This place is like a family, even if it is a really eccentric one. Sure we might not always get along, but what family does.

    Last night was the first time I've ever seen the forums in such a tizzy. But regardless, this isn't the place for this stuff. If we wanted to fight and argue, we should find an AOL chatroom. We're here for our love of Star Wars, even if we disagree about how deep that love goes.

    What fun would the forums be if everyone agreed about everything. Topics would be boring, like they just cloned that one person over and over. I know that alot of my opinion on Star Wars and it's toy line arn't always the popular opinion, but I am going to say what I like....and if you disagree, cool with me.

    Disagreement, is what breeds good discussions. Feeling like your being personally attacked for your opinion, or feeling the need to make attacks because you disagree with someone isn't the answer. It just makes your argument less valid. If you can state your argument in an intelligent manner, you may get more people realising that you have a point.

    Remeber in the wise words of Chris Rock in Dogma, "I just feel that it's better to have ideas. Beliefs are powerful, people die for them, people kill for them. I think it's better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief is trickier." Note that I wasn't about ready to pop the DVD in, so the quote may be wrong. And that's all I have to say on that.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    I think that's pretty close to the original quote JJ.
    It at least gets the same idea across.

    Some people here I'm sure would prefer if we did nothing but agree with each other which I'm sure p!sses off other people.

    Disagreements will happen, it will lead to arguements, but it also drives the conversation like Jar Jar said.

    Everybody's entitled to their opinion, optimally it would be nice if nobody bashed you for your opinion but that's their opinion and they're entitled to that too.

    I have adopted a simple rule, if you can't get along with somebody, at least be civil and try not to talk to that person too much.

    I've had my disagreements with a few people here and I just keep my distance and my mouth shut now.

    Ok now I'm done,anybody wanna buy a used soapbox?
    [font=verdana]Madness take its toll. Please have exact change[/font]
    [font=verdana]Life's short and hard like a bodybuilding elf... - Blood Hound Gang [/font]
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    You know who I feel bad for, anyone who has become a member recently.

    To All New Members
    Now I am by no means a veteran here; just a few months since I started. But except for the past few weeks, especially last night, business is not usually run like this around here. We have had a couple isolated incidents with a couple individuals that have gotten completely out of control. Now that things have come to a head, hopefully this place will return to normal. Wellcome all new members.

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    Yeah, welcome!!!

    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

    Especially that blue babe Jar Jar.

    Though all that just confirms my thoughts that we need a SSG chatroom again, so at least that stuff wouldn't be clogging the forums.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    I understand Mabudon's calls for 'a return to normalcy' and not wanting the management to shut down gendisc 'cuz it gets just too inconvenient or time consuming to police the posts.

    But billfremore & JJB make excellent points:

    "if somebody's saying something you don't like or if they annoy you, just let it go, walk away, don't respond to them."

    "What fun would the forums be if everyone agreed about everything. Topics would be boring..."

    billfremore's solution is elegant. Unanswered threads/posts simply roll off page one to obscurity. It's Democracy in action. Don't 'vote' for it, and it just goes away.

    Be it 'full moon fever' or some other factor(s) or just an inexplicable statistical blip that's caused this apparent rise in antagonistic threads/posts, Jonna is right to point out to the newbies that this isn't business as usual on SSG.

    I hope we all can find a balance where we can freely express our POVs respectfully enough, but without feeling we have to too greatly censor ourselves for fear of incurring the wrath of the local "PC Posse."

    The alternatives are bleak. Either management will come down with draconian rules on forum conduct that will effectively neuter any free exchange of ideas, or gendisc may just be closed down outright.

    Okay. Now that that's settled:
    [insert your religion/ethnicity/political party here] SUCKS!!!

    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Thanks for the kind words SWAFman.
    I feel a group hug coming on.
    [font=verdana]Madness take its toll. Please have exact change[/font]
    [font=verdana]Life's short and hard like a bodybuilding elf... - Blood Hound Gang [/font]
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    Ironic . . . that Bill, Jonna, and JJB are usually amongst the first to bang away on DeadEye, yet they're the first ones in here to illustrate how to run a smooth
    forum . . .


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