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    Question anyone notice how they are pakageing ki-adi and teemto?

    we just got these 2 last night. where the actuall figure is (the bubble), it just looks alot diffrent than the others. it looks more rough.......maybe it's just me........anyone else notice this?
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Yeah My Darth Maul's package bubble looked different also.
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    good to know someone else noticed this! now. you will give me your maul! j/k!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    If stuff really does take the longest time to reach the East Coast of the US, it must take forever to reach southern Connecticut. Today, I have finally found the Luminara Undulli I have sought since May, shortly after AOTC hit theaters. I saw a Taun We once in May but never again. I have yet to see Yoda and Dooku at a store.
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    The inner packaging of the blisters is getting very very thin and weak but i guess that's so you can actually get the things out of the blister if you feel so inclined as I invariably do.
    Can't say as I've noticed any difference in the outer blister though but I usually have the thing opened up before I even stop to look at the packaging.
    The cards seem a little thinner and more bendy to me lately. The way it bends and tears when you take the blister off seems a lot more pronounced than the old cards of POTJ, EP1 and POTF2.

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    I just wish I could find Ki Adi...
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    i aggree jargo. on all acounts. i think they are concintrating on the figure, not the packiging.
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    Originally posted by hango fett
    i aggree jargo. on all acounts. i think they are concintrating on the figure, not the packiging.
    Yes, I've noticed a slight weakness in the packaging too, but given the choice between them concentrating on the figure or the card, I'd definately rather they concentrate on the figure. I dont (And wont ever) have the new Ki-Adi, but the Teemto is phenomenal. They did a great job on this one.
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    don't under estamate ki-adi. it's alot better than the TPM one! his lightsaber rocks! and no gimmik to mess up his stance or anything!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Yeah the new Ki Adi Mundi looks A LOT better! Can't wait to find it!I also can't wait for the other 3 to hit the stores in my area!


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