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    Still have two cubes

    Hi All,

    I still heve these two rubix cubes to trade.

    Amidal / Leia, and Jango / Clone.

    Both are still in the wrappers.

    I am in need of loose EP1, loose vintage, and vintage weapons and acc.

    email me at if interested.

    Will definitely consider any offer, no matter how low.



    PS I am new to this board but have trade references on Rebelscum

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    There are AOTC Rubix cubes?

    Have some pics?

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    Check your PM, and e-mail.

    Thanks for the interest.


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    The cubes are now gone.

    Looking for Star Wars toys in the wastelands of Hoth - eh!

    Always looking for extra vintage weapons and accessories - email me!


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