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Thread: Doll Stands

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    go to michael's, they have stands that will hold a 12 inch figure around the waist for a little over a dollar fifty.i bought about 10 of them recently, and the register chick was giving me a funny look.

    as for online stores, i know sells stands for about that price .

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    Thanks. I will check out elitebigade. Sometimes I think I may be a little strange but I love collecting this stuff.
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    i just got their catalog in the mail today, and the stands sell for $1.40 each, available in white or black, and a box of 12 is $13.80.
    these are just like the ones michael's sells.

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    Something I remembered from a TOYFAIR ISSUE -- look at These guys make accessories for 12" army figures. The detail is INCREADIBLE !! They also make these stands that attach to either the back of the knee -- of up tword the butt. These stands come in four colors and look SWEET. I still did not see a price -- but they give info on where to buy...
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    Yeah, I just ordered a couple of INTOYZ stands, and also a couple BLUE BOX stands from Entertainment earth. I don't care how much they cost, I just want the stand to copliment the figure on it.

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    12" Figure Display Stands

    I'm new to the 12" world & was wondering if anyone had advice on good stands to keep these fellas from falling over?

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    Re: 12" Figure Display Stands

    Originally posted by mm74md
    I'm new to the 12" world & was wondering if anyone had advice on good stands to keep these fellas from falling over?
    Well, I have about 8 or 9 of the INTOYZ Black stands that look and work very well with the figures. The rest of my figures (over a hundred) I have on regular metal white stands that I will proly paint black to match the decor in my theater room, but they work very well with my figures too AND they are very sturdy. I bought my first batch from eBay and liked them so much I bought enough for the rest of my figures (PM me if you would like this persons email addy to get some). They are really inexpensive too, about a dollar or two each, where as the INTOYZ stands are like $4.99 ea. But I recommend both. You can get the INTOYZ stands at if they are in stock. Hope this helps.
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