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    Figure prices

    I wasn't alive during the time of Orignal Trilogy's release, but I'm curious to know how much a basic figure cost back then at regular price.
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    I think that SW figures were $1.99 each, and by ESB, they'd risen to the unholy cost of $2.99! I still have some Toys R Us price tags (weren't those bright orange tags HUGE?) that say a cent below three bucks.
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    I remember them being $2.99 at the local Skaggs Alpha Beta and Piggly Wiggly back in 1984. This was also about the time that Wal-Mart started it's bid to take over the world and they were about $2.89 over there.

    I didn't live near a TRU, so the first time I ever saw SW figures at one of those was in 1986 where they were on clearance for about $0.50 each.

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    Well, my vintage Zuckuss (4LOM) has a price tag of $2.86! But he's on a ROTJ card, so I'm thinking around 83-84.
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    I remember ROTJ figures at about $3.00.
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    Yeah... $1.99 for the originals sounds right. For some reason I can remember than (even though I was only 6).

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    My vintage boxed Land Speeder has a price tag which reads $3.99!

    Since we're discussing vintage prices, I thought I'd take this opportunity to ask whether or not anyone knows if there was any sort of price guide available back then for the few action figure collectors there were. I know there were comic book price guides back then, but I've never heard of toy price guides.

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    I don't there were enough toy collectors to really warrant a consolidated price guide back then. If they did exist they probably focused more on Barbies or GI Joes since those were the "collectible" toys of the time.

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    I've been trying to complete my Marvel SW comics collection (only 5 more to go! ) and there are ads for the first 20 figures and vehicles. The prices are amazing! Sets of 4 figures for something like $10; $10 for the X-Wing; just the fact that the radio Sandcrawler is being sold.

    I don't recall any price guides until maybe the mid-1980s, after ROJ was out of the theaters.
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    Well over here in England I remember figures being the princely sum of 1.50 which meant that I had to save for two weeks to buy a figure with my pocket money.
    Also I remember mini rigs being 3.75
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