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    That's funny about London, because I went to the one in Birmingham a while back, and they didn't seem to have much either. Strange, you think that the two biggest cities in the country would have the biggest choice!
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    Not really a NEW find, but something that I haven't seen in too many shops lately - I was in Hamley's Toy Shop in Regent Street yesterday and noticed half a dozen "Jabba Glob" sets from the Ep.I release on the shelves, amongst all the unsold Anakin OPDs and other Saga stuff on the ground floor.
    From the condition of the boxes I'd say they'd been kept in the stockroom for quite a while, but they were priced at (I think) 6.95 - which is quite cheap for ANYTHING in that place!

    Anyone who wants a Jabba to go with their 3D card Palace/Solo diorama set might want to consider picking one of these up.

    IMHO, it's far-and away the best likeness of the Bloated One that's been released to date (including the vintage version).
    It comes with 6 little green chuba-frogs, and if you leave the tub of goo inside the figure it serves to hold the whole thing together fairly well.

    Also, I noticed that all the POTJ stuff from the "Collector's Case" on th 5th floor has been replaced with Spawn merchandise! :-(
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    TRU policy is that the highest profit earning stores get the stock first apparently. That's info i gleaned from a particularly helpful young lady at a local TRU. In an area like the North West which takes in Liverpool, Warrington and Chester etc. the highest profit yeild gets the cream of the crop. If I could find a way to get the facts and figures I would. Post the league table so you'd know where to look first.
    Another visit to chester yielded nothing new but they had tons of Dooku and Padme Coruscant attack, Chewbacca bespin captive, a few super battle droids and endor rebels w/ beard. Plenty of deluxe C-3PO and Yodas, unleashed Padme and Anakin, roleplay sabers, 12" Mace and clonetrooper - yellow and red. (they looks atrocious BTW, worst dollies I've ever seen) One solitary Kit fisto and a few Dexters, Captain Typho, Tusken female.....

    Their newer stuff would be going out soon though, plenty of deliveries between now and xmas.


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