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    Star Wars Names You Hate

    What names do you hate in Star Wars, I personally hate names that are just taken from the acters name such as John D and Wicket W. Warwick. I also hate names like Elan Sleazbaggano which is sooooooooooo obviously meant to be Sleazbag. I'm also not too keen on Coleman Trebor because Coleman origionates from someone that works in a coal mine, for those that don't know Trebor is Robert spelled backwards, Robert Coleman. If they'd have called him Nameloc Trebor (Nam-El-Lock Tre-Bor) then it would have sounded way better.
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    The name I HATE, basically because it is so annoying to type, is the name of the six breasted dancer - Yarna D'al Gargan. I suppose it'd be alright if I just called her Gargan, but you know me I have to use full names .

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    Let's see...Dooku, Yareel Poof, Dexter Jettster, Yaddle...all of those strike me as corny and lame. That Sleazobaggano thing or whatever is rather stupid-sounding, too. I also disliked "Panaka", and "Tyrannus" isn't so hot either if you ask me. Thankfully though Lucas didn't call the character "Darth Rage" or "Darth Hate" or any of the other idiotic names that lots of fansites were reporting back before AOTC came out.

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    I hate Jek Porkins. Jek sounds like someone coughing up a phlegmball and Porkins is so derogatory.

    I hate all of the names thought up in the EU and all of the names that Lucas' kids have contributed to the saga.

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    Does Jorg Sacul count?
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    Sly Moore. Sounds like another regular actor's name.
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    I'm not big on Jek Porkins either. I mean, come on....
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    How about Bubba Fat-guy?
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    He might as well be named Lards Fata-ss
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    I only dislike names that are all too obvious as jokes:
    Elan Sleazbaggano
    Bib for Tuna
    Mon Calimari
    Admiral Snackbar
    Mom Mothman
    Amana Man
    and pretty much anything from EU

    Tyranus is cool, mainly because it is a take off of the Celtic god, Taranus. Dooku is Japanese for 'poison' so that one is cool, too.
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