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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    I only saw the Mego type Kirk and Klingon 2-pk once at a Hastngs. Should've bought it, it's the last time I've seen it. I liked the soft goods (clothes) and detail. If I remember they are the same size as the AA's, but I liked them better.
    So I found the retro-Mego-style Spock, Bones, Andorian, and Romulan at FAO in Vegas this week, and totally fell in love with them. Such great memories of having them as a kid! I had forgotten all about this. I'm not a Trek collector, really, but I had TOS Mego figures (Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Scotty) as a kid long before I had any SW.

    I only bought Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy, though I now want the others as well, and the upcoming ones, too.

    Glancing round Ebay, looks like I'm gonna be out around $50-$60 to add Kirk and the Klingon. Oh well!

    My question is: on Diamond's site they are listed as 2-packs, but I bought these singly. Are they sold as 2-packs only online, or what?

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    i've been tryin to get hold of next gen figures data geordi picard ordered off amoktime but no joy anyone know where i can get them

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    I get almost all of my Star Trek stuff from

    The owner Rick is a total fan and very dedicated (and good) with his customer service.

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    I can vouch for NewForce if need be, Rick is a good guy, he helped me BIG TIME when I needed Commtech R2-D2 (it was a very hard to find figure back in the day) and has done right by me ever since. His efforts have made some very cool Trek collectibles happen that otherwise wouldn't.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    A funny thing happened to my Diamond Select order...

    So I ordered the Scotty/Keeper 2-pack of "retro cloth" Mego-style figures from Diamond Select. Within about four days I heard the doorbell ring, and lo! the postwoman had left a box from DS Toys on my porch. The box looked a little large, but I thought, "Hmm. Mostly packaging material, probably. Good work, Diamond Select." Then I picked up the box, and it was a bit too heavy for 2 figures.

    My first thought was, even before I opened it: Shipping error in my favor!!! Then I thought, what if this is something I don't want at all? Calls, customer service, returns... headache. I took the box to the kitchen, got out a paring knife, and sliced the box open.

    I got a solid case of Scotty/Keeper figures. That means instead of 2 figures, I got 8: 4 Scotty, 4 Keeper. GREAT HORNY TOADS!

    This has happened to me before, kind of. When I ordered a Concept General Greivous figure from StarWarsShop last year, I ended up getting, like, a box of 10 of 'em, IIRC. That was a good day; I felt a little better after paying SWShop's inflated price for that Greivous figure. Yes, I kept all the Greivous figures, though I gave all but 2 away. I still feel a little guilty, a little.

    So YAY, lovin' online ordering!!! But since DS seems like a good company, not out to fleece me too much on my newfound Star Trek habit, I emailed them and let them know about the overshipped product. I got a short reply to the effect of "we'll send you a return label so they can be sent back." So I'm waiting on the return label now, part of me wishing that I had kept my mouth shut. The other part wonders what the hell I'd do with 3 extra Scotty and Keeper figures.

    And the Keeper freaks me out a little, albeit in a good way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Fossil View Post
    The other part wonders what the hell I'd do with 3 extra Scotty and Keeper figures.
    Can't believe I'm the first to say this, but... uh... I could have taken a pair off your hands.

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    Maybe you have a Hero super power Old Fossil, the ability to get more than you pay.

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    Reminds me that I need to order my Klingon figures from Star Trek III and NewForce.

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    2-packs per Trek movie?

    New Nemesis? Well, I think the Riker & Troi one counted.

    Insurrection? Picard and Ru'Afo would be the first, most likely guess. But there might be other possibilities. This movie could generate some cool figures.

    First Contact: a lot of these have already been done.

    Generations: Soran and Picard would be very likely.

    Undiscovered Country? McCoy and Gorkin could be interesting. The space-suited assassin and Gorkin would be even better. General Chang would be a natural offering - but with who? Kirk looked not too much different than from how he always appears.

    Final Frontier: Kirk and Spock in Starfleet Rescue Gear would be sweet! Kirk in the same outfit vs. Sybok would also work for me. I want the whole crew in SF rescue gear though (Sulu, Uhura, and McCoy in addition to the Kirk and Spock).

    Voyage Home: Kirk and McCoy dressed as doctors would be a hoot! Gillian Taylor (hopefully 20th century) would work - could be with Spock in his bathrobe and headband. Scale size "George and Gracie" would be awesome as well. The first toy line with humpback whale action figures! They'd wind up being way bigger than the BMF Falcon or the Hot Toys Batmobile! And they'd come straight to your door in a recycled refrigerator box.

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