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    I'm loving this stuff. I'm almost definitely getting the bridge playset and transporter set, and all the 3 3/4" figures to go with them.

    I might buy the 6" if they too go well with Trek figures I already have.

    And I might buy the 12"!

    I'm so ready for Star Trek. This is good news considering how dismayed I am that this movie will not feature William Shatner.

    I got my First Contact Captain Picard in the mail today, btw. He is awesome. (the Captain's vest one by ArtAsylum / Diamond)

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    Thats great to hear. Is he well detailed and everything? Ive seen picture on the net of picard and his face looks bad so i was hoping he didnt look so bad in person. And as far as the new 3 inch and 6 inch figures go for the new movie and the going to buying those...they look pretty cool hopfuly they look better in person. I know when theres a movie that is coming out that toysrus and maybe walmart some times brings the toys out early do you think the star trek toys will come out? It would be cool if they came out earlier than april.

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    The movie's in May right? I don't think we'll see them earlier than April, but you never know. I am not concerned, confident that I'll have them by May. I still might wait until I see the movie before I buy them, but I don't think I have to. The toys look cool and they're recognizeable as Star Trek, thus I like them for the novelty of it all in itself.

    I don't think the Picard head looks bad. I didn't open him, but I think I will - when Data comes, and I'll have to get my Borg out of storage I guess. (Don't know as I really may prefer to display Deep Space Nine when I get Kira, O'Brien, Bashir, and General Martok - my WOK fascination might pass as I watch more and more DS9 again. Might. WOK is really good and I love that crew!)

    Picard seems to have a phaser rifle and some computer and PADD accessories. I can't tell, but I hope he also has a hand-phaser in there, but he might not have been wearing his vest when he used one. I can't remember. The Captain, Worf, and Hawk in their space suits might also be cool figures. s made several or all of those back in the day. I didn't buy them though because FC products were not a consistant size with the other Trek figures I was collecting. I sort of boycotted that size (except for DS9 stuff) and then switched sizes when AA was the only way I could buy Enterprise figures of Archer et. all.

    [EDIT] - they should make a communicator replica into a working cell phone that you can connect with Verizon, Sprint, Nextel or somebody. They eventually probably will if Star Trek re-emerges really strongly in American pop-culture.

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    Big Time Cool Correction: First Contact Picard does indeed have a hand phaser. It was on the lower right hand side of his package and not so noticeable as his PADD, tricorder, and phaser rifle. HOWEVER, the single-coolest accessory I've ever seen come with a Trek figure is included with Picard: THE BORG QUEEN'S SKULL AND ROBOTIC SPINAL COLUMN! (That Picard snaps to terminate her at the end of First Contact!) This is seriously cool and I think I'm going to have to open Picard up and pose him finishing Her Collective Bichiness once and...uh... (uh...until Voyager and Janeway takes her on).

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    Tycho, would be able to show pictures once you open him up?

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    I suppose. I have a digital camera. I might open him sooner than later, but if I'm getting my Data figure (to go with Picard) from Australia, as might be the case (I did order, but I haven't gotten my confirmation yet), it might take a while to receive this other figure. And I kind of want to open Picard and Data together because the only point in buying those was to display them together. But it would be real cool to display Picard with his hands around the Queen's spinal column preparing to snap her neck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker View Post
    Pretty much all the stuff is revealed now:

    The communicator and tricorder are interesting, and the phaser looks like the ST3 phaser combined with the Galaxy Quest blaster.

    The transporter is pretty cool, and I want to say the bridge is too but it's just so...strange. It has so much of a stark contrast from the retro-red and the white surroundings. Though, the bridge is interesting in that you buy one main set and then you finish it by buying figures with other pieces like console sections.

    Looks like both the 3 3/4" line and 6" lines will have one standard body for all Starfleet males. For the 3 3/4" it's not so bad, even though only a couple look decent with it. But the 6" figures and their sweaters...not good at all.

    For some reason everything has a feel as though it belongs in a Power Rangers toyline, I miss the good ol' Playmates days.
    The link doesn't work anymore. I missed it. These them?
    I don't like that phaser, it's just a lot of shapes tossed together, lots of greebles. The tricorder looks decent, but not era-accurate, and why the hell would they write "tricorder" on it?!? I'll definitely buy it, but scrape that sticker off (it's Playmates, they don't have high quality tampos so it's gonna be a sticker for sure). Didn't realize the communicator was a video phone, still lame.

    Here are the individual files:

    I hate that bridge design, it's an ugly flat toy for one thing, and there's no fun to be had in the layout. The stations look boring, and those clear things are dippy. The captain's chair looks minimalistic. To me, the toy looks lousy and the set design looks like it wants to be the Nemesis bridge in color and shape.

    The figures seem to have small heads and very broad chests, not a good combo.

    movie Barbies:
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Great pics, JT.

    Gotta say that the bridge reminds me more of Sulu's Excelsior bridge than the 1701-E's... I actually like it but I too am wondering what the clear display panels are for. I guess we'll see in May.

    I really like the art deco Enterprise ship... just needs a few Tiffany lamps, chrome pedestal ashtrays, and a Rolls-Royce hood ornament to finish it off.

    I gotta say that the warp nacelles remind me of karaoke machine microphones... maybe Shatner can do a cameo as a lounge singer in the film.

    Lucy... in the... SKY!!!... with... diamonds.....

    BTW, I got my Johnny Lightning Wave 6 last week... the Excalibur's great (fixed the NCC font since the Defiant), the Romulan D-7 Battlecruiser's better than expected (the bird of prey design's on the bottom of the hull), the Borg cube looks good (even with marmalade damage and beams), and the Yamato's sufficiently different to the Enterprise Ds that I'm happy (no nacho dip!).

    All in all, not bad. I hope JL comes out with some new molds... they've flogged these to death!
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    Spock: Wood. Rubbing on some kind of leather.

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    If anyone is wanting Gowron but doesn't want to get the Worf that will be accompanying him in the upcoming 2-pack, NewForceComics has a preorder for an exclusively bagged version of Gowron. So far it should be expected to be the exact same as the one in the 2-pack, but they've requested an exclusive accessory that is pending approval by DST. There will be less than 1,000 available, though.

    Also, the Kruge and Maltz 2-pack has unfortunately been canceled.

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    The link doesn't work anymore. I missed it. These them?[/URL]
    Yup, same pictures. The communicator one with the UFP logo is new, though.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
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    I don't even get who Playmates and Paramount think they're marketing this line to. I read the comments from them, they think they're gonna get kids into this line, but those toys don't say kids to me, except the role-play stuff which is universal for Trekkies of all ages.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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