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    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker View Post
    A member on a different board got a picture of the new electronic command chair Kirk
    That's the Kirk I'm holding out for. I want that chair.

    I saw the regular carded versions again today, and don't really hate the TOS Kirk. The Wrath of Khan "screaming" version at TRU on the other hand... is both the worst and funniest thing I've ever seen.

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    I was just reflecting on how cool it is that there are a handful of us who are hardcore into Star Trek collecting.

    It will make the new movie release and merchandising a lot of fun to discuss.

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    I know what you mean tycho...its nice to know that there are other collectors to talk to about star trek. I try to talk to my girlfriend about it and she rolls her eyes tells me to stop ....but yeah its great to be excited about star trek again.

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    Just found these sketches on eBay which purport to be from Rick Sternbach's private sketch collection... kinda kewl.
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    McCoy: What do those super sensitive ears make of that, Mr. Spock?
    Spock: Wood. Rubbing on some kind of leather.

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    Thanks for sharing Darth Titanium.

    JediMasterGeorge: it really sucks how ideally your girlfriend is supposed to be your best friend but then they never let you enjoy what YOU are passionate about with them (besides being passionate about your girl I'd hope). It's like they're jealous of anything else you pay attention to. It must be something like that I think. I should know. I date "B'Ellana Torres." (Almost exactly the same personality type, and similar features, exceot for the Klingon ones of course).

    And you wonder why the divorce rate is so high...

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    All of that is true. She wants an engagement ring and she gets mad when i buy myself "toys". And I tell her that they are more collectible than toys...i guess she thinks its pointless to buy the star trek figures or anything else like that if there going to display on my shelf. But the engagment ring is just going to sit on her finger. So in all honesty...whats the difference. They both make people happy. Thats the whole point. Besides the ring costs a heck alot more than the figures. Plus its my money.

    Im planning on spending over 200 bucks with my incom tax check on the star trek 7 inch figures and she is having a cow.

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    Engagement rings / wedding rings are used by girls as bragging rights. The pricier the piece, the more they can show off that "someone loves them" or "that they control someone - who sold themselves into their enslavement."

    For one thing: if you owe a lot of money on a girl's ring, you yourself are limited and you can't afford to go out and do things where you could meet other women, or afford an escort service girl, hooker, or whatever's your thing (as an alternative to the girl you already have). Meanwhile, she has insurance, because it's her ring and she can sell it or something, should she (or you) decide to discard the relationship. On the other hand, if you can afford to pay for the ring, and pay to keep her happy (entertained, well-clothed, perhaps comfortably sheltered if you are already living together), she has tested the success of her plan to live happily ever-after, according to HER desires.

    Oh, before you think I've taken any new angle on the subject matter, Sting recorded "Wrapped Around Your Finger" back in the 80's. My theories / beliefs are nothing new. And Sting is just one example.

    Now what does this have to do with Star Trek figures? It is one more thing that you appreciate, and she doesn't, that she might take away from you as part of her "cost" for being in your relationship. This is horrible to me. Let's say you have to spend every last free dime to afford a rock on her finger. Ideally, a real best-friend, loving partner would at least find out that her spending only $30 or so for Spock and Kirk, or Picard and Data (she should take the few seconds required to learn your preference) in a internet mail-order would make you happy. And when you proudly display it, she will remember that you are appreciating HER gift to you. Afterall, you perhaps just spent thousands on her. But how often does that happen?

    I admit that it's hard buying collectibles for us guys who are into this. We go out to the stores frequently, and pick up the latest, often as soon as it's available. But funny how a lot of us online know who has what and who is still looking for what (for our collections). It is out-and-out-wrong that someone who purports to want to be your best-friend, life-partner, does not know something this simple. And on top of it, we get shy, embarassed, and feel awkward sharing it with our significant other.

    So why are we interested in this person anyway? Sex. I mean literally, if not for physical attraction which breeds the illusion of affection, what do we need this other person for when we already have friends who share more of our interests? Apply Vulcan logic and this will all seem very rationale.

    However, there's no denying Pon Far. But what should one give up for that? Think about it: you're paying for the rock, then even her standard of living except in the less often situation where your girl brings in more income than you. Otherwise, she can sue you for payments even after you divorce, or she gets income even after you DIE! And you already know what paying for sex amounts to. So the moral of the story is never pay too much.

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    These women wonder why they can't find a "good man" they want to own them with undivided devotion.
    So what if you're a kid and you still want to play with toys.
    How about she buys you an engagement ring?
    They wonder why guys turn gay, or are perpetual batchelors...they need friends too. Not just controlling interest in your interests.

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    Incidentally, in case JediMasterGeorge wants Star Trek movie discussion,

    this thread in the movies section of SirSteves contains the new Trek movie discussion and by hitting the "last page" you can jump right into it. At the moment, I brought up First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis. And the page before has in invisible text (you highlight to read) spoilers concerning the next Kirk & Spock film due out in theaters this May.

    Now back to wives, girlfriends, and action figures - or whatever we were discussing.

    And as to Blue2th's comments, I fully agree. A war rages between the sexes and in a majority of the relationships I am familiar with, it is always the same story.

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    I see what your saying tycho, its all about control. How far they can push us. How far we are willing to go to make them happy or how much we can spend on them. I once told this girl that i worked with and i was kinda kidding about but kinda now kidding...we were talking about how women are controling and such and i told them that im going to tell god that i want my ribb back. Cause god took a ribb out of us to create a female. And they said that god created us and saw what happend so he decided that he could do better and created a female. Of couse i laughed cause they have a great imagaination. But your also right when you said basicly why else would we need a girlfriend or it other wise life would be different. Perhaps if woman didnt exist maybe we could have created a real life holodeck and created any kind of female we want....." sure can spend any amount of money you want on your star trek or star wars what you want cause that makes you happy and whatever makes you happy makes me happy" that would be great.

    By the only spending 600 bucks on her ring cause my step mom ownes a jewerly store.

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