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    Now that I've seen this movie, I think kids and adults are going to buy this line up almost like they're Star Wars! That movie was so good and I think it's by far the No.1 film in America. I'd expect it will keep that crown until Terminator: Salvation opens. Geeze it's a great movie!!!

    Yeah, I want more figures now for sure:

    Black Shirt Kirk
    Orbital Sky Dive Kirk
    Delta-Vega Survival Gear Kirk
    Cadet Kirk

    Orbital Sky Dive Sulu with sword

    Romulan terrorist / soldier

    Delta-Vega Survival Original Spock

    Delta-Vega Outpost Scotty
    Scotty's creature friend

    Spock in formal uniform

    Duty Uniform McCoy

    Duty Uniform Chekov

    Cadet Uniform Uhura

    Admiral Pike in wheelchair

    Captain Robert April

    Targ creature from Delta-Vega
    Giant Insect creature from Delta-Vega (looks like the Acklay sort-of)

    SF shuttlecraft vehicle
    Spock's red matter fighter ship

    Romulan torture lab playset (Pike's rescue)

    Romulan ship replica (I believe they've already made this but haven't shown it)

    Romulan Orbital Platform replica

    USS Kelvin

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbarnard View Post
    Thanks for the answer. So how many are duplicates and been released to date?
    Near as I can tell of the 18 necessary to complete the bridge, there are only 7 figures that have been released. I dont know when we will see series 2, but I am worried that it might be a while before we will see it. I'm more worried that there might be a wave 3 we might not see. That is the problem with movie lines, we are inundated with the first wave to the point that the stores might not sell enough to necessitate ordering more.

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    I think it will. The movie is No.1 in the US right now and the theaters sell week-day tickets and everyone is talking about it - and finally I've seen KIDS grabbing up figures in the Star Trek section of the toy isle. It looks like (new) Spock is the most popular with young fans.

    My list of the 20 or so additional fgures I want are more than what is required to finish the bridge playset. And I think we also need another "T-section" piece for the transporter playset (the additional control station). These might be repeat sections that have already shipped, but to do dioramas, I am already buying multiple copies of some figures (Uhura, new Spock), so there's always getting them that way.

    I think Playmates was very shrewd, because if the movie or line falters, they can re-sell the same figures they have put out, with the new bridge stations that you cannot purchase quite yet. I think the opposite will happen. Star Trek is going to be one of the Top movies this summer. Asked a month ago, I wouldn't have been so sure. But Terminator, another Playmates license, will be as well, and Hasbro has 3 with Wolverine, Transformers (predicted highest money-maker of the summer), and GI Joe.

    Oh, and Transformers (which I'm a huge fan of) will make the most money but not be the best movie. Orci and Kurtzman who wrote it, might still come away with the prize (but for Star Trek), but I predict that will go to (Dark Knight) Nolan for Terminator, my first and only pick for favorite of the summer (again, Transformers will make more money though).

    But back to Trek, we could see all of the toys on my wish-list posted above realized in plastic. Nothing is really too far-fetched and it's also a reasonable sized line (2 vehicles for the figures, 2 beasts, 4 electronic ship replicas, 20 more figures in 2 or more additional release waves).

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    F-toys needs to start working on some of these new ships before I take out a knife and start wittlin'.

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    The quality of a film does not always translate into toy sales.

    Here in Los Angeles, the Playmates toys aren't moving at all. Even during TRU's weeklong 2 for $10 sale on basic figures, it didn't seem to make a dent in the front of store display.

    The line doesn't even seem to be selling as well as last summer's Indy line did initially. Not a good sign at all!

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    The figures are just kind of...junky. I hope they get better like the Indy line did by the time it got to the Last Crusade figures. Although I actually have never seen a young Spock here in L.A., maybe kids like him. I think Kirk would sell better if he didn't look like Donny Most. The others are not very appealing to kids.

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    Well, the problem with Trek figures (visually) has often been that they are just humans in colorful jumpsuits. But then you are discounting Playmates' previous line with the Mugato, Gorn, the general look of Klingon or Cardassian armor, and so on. However, there ARE usually enough humans in colorful jumpsuits to comprise a large portion of many-a-wave.

    Now this movie presents a chance to change that, such as the orbital sky-dive gear for Kirk and Sulu, not to mention Sulu's weapons pack. These figures should be removeable helmet types, too - thus offering one more piece of gear (which I'd NOT package them wearing, so as to increase the perceived value of just how many pieces of plastic you get to buy with your money. MMMMmmmmmmmm - plastic

    However, the Trek figures are rather skinny on top of it. Playmates also did Terminator figures this season, and they are of better quality and thickness.

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    On sale at Target this week -

    Basic figs 6.29
    6" figs 8.99
    Enterprise 22.99
    Bridge playset 19.99

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    I think the Role Play is moving a little, I've noticed TRUs and Targets that only had phasers, then phasers and tricorders, now have a few communicators as well. Still, those pegs are stuffed.

    This new Enterprise is larger than the Enterprise E and yet Playmates' version has even less detail!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Tycho, you forgot "Massive Hands Allergic Reaction" Kirk. You need him!!

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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