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    Dang I'm loving it! These figures (AND BEASTS!!!) look even better than the first wave - especially the Orbital SkyDive figures of Kirk and Sulu!

    I'm buying all of them except the 12", although I might start getting Trek 12". They look pretty good.

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    I like the Sulu and Kirk in their space suits...the rest are easy passes for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Am I the only one here who wishes that they'd go back and make more figures from Enterprise like the Xindi Reptillian?
    Pretty much, yeah.

    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker View Post
    A new wave of TOS figures showed up for pre-order on TRU's site the other night, including the first brand new character to TRU's waves.

    Kirk (Mirror, Mirror) -
    Spock (Mirror, Mirror) -
    Kang -
    Nice find. Kang's skintone is a little too red though.

    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker View Post

    Some recent bad news figure-wise, though. The Borg line with the build-an-alcove has been canceled.

    It's not all that surprising, though, they were going nowhere with them. Every single time they were asked about the alcove's progress, they would respond that they were still trying to figure out how to split it up. I bet they still haven't figured it out.
    Doesn't surprise me in the least. Now is totally the wrong time for Borg stuff, which is never as popular with buyers as it is with AA designers.

    Rumor has it that DST is going to shutter everything Trek that isn't TOS-based.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Dang I'm loving it! These figures (AND BEASTS!!!) look even better than the first wave
    Really? I think the beasts look pretty weak, very low-detail in sculpt and paint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Rumor has it that DST is going to shutter everything Trek that isn't TOS-based.
    That would really suck for a Niner fan like myself who wants figures as obscure as the whole crew in baseball uniforms so I can set up a ballfield diorama (with a Vulcan batter from The Logicians).

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    I wouldn't go so far as to say the beasts look weak, but I would have liked a little more detail as well.

    I also really wish they would have taken to opportunity to do a resculpt on Kirk's head. Perhaps they just used the old head for the prototype images, and there is still time. Anyone know if Playmates is doing Q&As on a regular basis, and through which venue? I would be really interested in hearing them answer to that.

    Spock's Academy Instructor uniform could also stand to be a bit darker in color as well (and I'm still wondering if I'll have to buy an extra to customize my own Pike in this costume as well, or if they'll ever getting around to releasing an official version?)

    Keenser looks wicked cool, though! Can't wait to get him!

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    Roojay: I wanted Pike in this outfit, too. Moreso than Spock even.

    Now since they made Keenser, I want Kirk, Old Spock, and Scotty in their Delta Vega gear!!!

    Kirk and McCoy in their street clothes would also be cool.

    Star Trek is still so cool this summer. I am totally planning to return to the theater to see it at least one last time (my 5th or 6th time already?) before it leaves theaters. I think it has been the most successful film this summer, too (before Transformers gets released anyway).

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    I'm really itching to see it again, too. Just so many other movies coming out soon that I want to see also.

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    The Fall figures seem so much better. Hopefully they will see the light of day, however, as the peg warming situation seems pretty grim right now.

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    Hmmm. I could use another 3 3/4" Spock but he seems to be sold out everywhere down here.

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