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    I really like the TOS uniforms, you can tell right away what department they're in. The rank on the wrists is cool. Kirk's Enterprise had nothing to do with the military, its puropse was to 'explore, and seek out new life and new civilizations.'

    Kirk and his people didnt need pockets anyways.
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    Look at the movie costumes though, they're not drab. Look at the TNG costumes, or the post-TNG costumes. Nothing seems to be as lifeless as those gray/blue jumpsuits from Enterprise. It evokes a sense that everybody on the ship is a mechanic.
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    Hey! I'm starting to wonder where the Classic MiniMates Series 2 is! Not a word from AA.
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    Jayspawn / JediTricks:

    Archer and his crew are explorers, too.

    1) Earth has a military defense force, that's where the Space Marines come into play. Their forces might have their own ships, but they don't have Warp 5 engines yet. Archer's is the pioneer (the NX)

    2) Archer is a mechanic. This mission was the first test flight of the Warp 5 engine.

    Archer was an engineer.

    Tucker is an engineer.

    T'Pol has some science-engineering specialties, though honestly, she is / was a spy for the Vulcan High Command.

    Reed is a weapons specialist, but a bit of an engineer and designer himself.

    They sort of should look like mechanics.

    Hoshi is a linguist brought on board, because nobody else there were born first contact specialists.

    Phlox was there since they needed an alien doctor familiar with Klingons.

    Travis is just the pilot, but has some extra-terrestrial living experience that made for why Archer chose him.

    POCKETS: now for pockets. If you're an explorer, and you're exploring, where the heck are you supposed to put stuff you pick up if you don't have pockets?

    Some planets they must use money, or trade wares on, as well. This stuff doesn't always have to be heavy engineering parts or chemicals they trade. It could be something small.

    How about business cards? How the heck did the girls every get ahold of Kirk on his little communicator, if he didn't have a card to leave them his frequency number? I mean if they don't do it that way, somebody else back on earth who's also named Jim Kirk must get an awful lot of wrong numbers! So I figure they need at least one pocket to keep business cards. That's only being realistic.

    "Jonathon Archer - Space Explorer
    Starfleet Captain - USS NX-2000
    Earth, United Nations
    San Francisco, CA 92???

    "For a good time, call me. No Klingons Please."

    I mean that should do it, with call forwarding.

    Meanwhile, let's take a look at Kirk's crew:

    Kirk - Starfleet military. He was trained as a military command specialist, and a bureaucratic manager. Is there any evidence that Kirk was trained as anything else? He was made to be Starfleet's heavy hand.

    Spock - scientist. Now Spock was a true scientist - his specialties included alien intelligence and xenobiology.

    McCoy - He was probably trained to be a better alien medic than previous HUMANS were, but he was primarily a human physician, as well as something of a novice psychologist trained to deal with crew stress.

    Scotty - was an engineer of course.

    Sulu - had miltary combat training, command training, but also was a botanical specialist, partially due to an interest cultivated by his parents' careers.

    Uhura - language specialist, communications engineer. She may or may not have Hoshi's special instinctual gifts, but she's been trained better in engineering than Hoshi ever was. Hoshi was a teacher, Uhura was trained for bridge command experience.

    Chekov - was young, and a military protoge studying command like Kirk did, but he had a strong science and engineering background, I think very generally diversified.

    In the movies, Scotty got a tool vest with pockets. That was very realistic. Checkov, on away missions, could have used that. Uhura might've needed tools from time to time (more than Hoshi), Sulu could've used pockets on away missions, and Spock most definitely could. McCoy could have used a surgeon's tool pack for light stuff he wore on his uniform - though most would reasonably be furnished for him in sickbay.

    But sure, in the OS, I saw them carry tool boxes, and pull stuff out of their tricorder cases. So I suppose they didn't need pockets as much as the NX crew does.

    In later years, it's hard to tell if the crews have pockets or don't. Im sure it'd only show up if they needed pockets for a plot device.

    But thank you for this truly fascinating discussion about clothing, occupations, and pockets - something I truly look forward to thinking about every time I watch Star Trek!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn
    Kirk and his people didnt need pockets anyways.
    That's right, they had VELCRO .

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    Not sure if it's been reported or not, didn't wanna dig thru 13 pages to see if it has. But there's a Battle Damaged NCC 1701 U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek III coming out from AA. It will be an exclusive through Action Figure Express.

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    I'm perfectly happy with the regular Enterprise A but I might pick up this one anyways. NewForceComics will also be carrying it. We'll see when the times comes.

    Well Classic Series 2 showed up at Toy Fair UK so it looks like they're on the way! Better late then never. At least we can have a full Original Crew.

    Still with AA's $ and Distribution problems I wonder if we'll get any future Trek lines. I still want an Original Movie Crew, Khan and Captain Koloth from "The Trouble w/ Tribbles."
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    Woohoo! Great Star Trek news from ToyFair!

    1st more CLassic Trek figures from Art Asylum including Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock from "The Wrath of Khan" and Vina the Orion Slave Girl and The GORN! Definatly got to have a Gorn. Now we need Captain Koloth.

    2nd Sideshow Toy is making 12" figures of Captain KIrk and Mr. SPock from the television show! Both super articulated -of course and come with the standard accessories: phaser, communicator, tricorder and maybe a few themed accessories would be cool.
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    I stopped by GameStop this morning and found they got in a bunch of cases of Classic Series 2! They alll totally rock! I cant really say which is the best in the group. Probably Scotty or Sulu -they were $10.99 each. Not bad I suppose.

    Also I got the Captain Koloth mini bust in the mail the other day very cool as well. The detail is amazing. Mine came with a gold vest but I've seen pics of Koloths with silver vests. Oh well still awesome!
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    Oh man, I never got around to picking up series 1 except for regular Kirk. I hope AA ships a mixed-wave case, I'd buy the whole thing right up.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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