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    Just got my case of JL's today. All are as exepcted from the pics we've all seen except the 1701-A.

    I pulled the TOS style Defiant out first. It's got a phaser blasting out of it's saucer section that swivels in any direction. It fell out, but goes easily back in. Kind of a cool little feature. It's blue though. I thought phasers were supposed to be red.

    Next I opened the Enterprise 1701-A. I tried to take off the cheesy photon fire thingy thinking it was easily removable like the Defiant. Well it didn't just come out cause it's glued in mine kinda snapped off. It's not bad though, it just looks like a third torpedo tube. I could try to glue it back on but it looks better without it anyways.
    I'm telling you guys so you won't have any suprises.

    It's still my favorite ship of the bunch because it's got some really cool detailing.
    First of all it's alot whiter than her sister the JL Refit. The upper fuselage is
    a tad bluer, as is the stripe around the main bridge.
    What's really cool though is they did the aztec pattern all over the ship surface in white pearl which reacts to the light depending on which angle you look at it.
    In between the pattern is the white of the ship, then a clear-coat over the top. This was really a good idea, and more ships should be released like that.
    The JL Refit was already my favorite JL so far, and this makes it better. Though the stupid phaser-photon feature brings it back down to even.

    The Majestic's aztec pattern is done in a pale green, which looks ok, but would look better in pearl like the A. I like the explosion effects.

    The Borg Cubes poppin a cherry.

    The Enterprise D is sure enough the "Nacho Enterprise" only after they were done dipping they put what actually look like cigarrette burns on her back.
    Each nacelle though still has the see-through red and blue feature which is a cool thing they kept from wave 3. It also has the pearl aztec pattern on it, but the battle damage entry orange kinda cancels out the appeal.

    Don't know if I like those awkward looking legs on Voyager yet.

    I'l get some pics up later.
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    TOS ship phasers are blue. They turn reddish orange later on then almost solid gold. DS9 had gold federation phasers. This Defiant was shown to have rear weapons, I knew the Consitution class had aft phasers but I didn't or don't know if they have aft torpedoes. Can you get a picture of the weird torpedo launcher of your ship?

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    Anybody score a white lightning in their case? They seem extremely rare... the WL Borg cube seems the rarest but the new WL Voyager's out there too, apparently. I'm waiting for my 6 pack to arrive... it's funny how stuff from HK and Japan arrives way faster than stuff from the US to Canada.

    What's the "limited edition of 10000" crap about? How many were in the previous waves? Anybody know how exactly how rare the WLs are?
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    My WOK 1701 arrived today, right on schedule. I have to say though that I'm fairly underwhelmed at the execution here. The ship is twistie-tied down like a mad fiend, the ones around the "neck" are abhorrent, yet the ship is also sliding around in its tray for some reason, that's gotta be great for it. Once again the try-me is ultra-lame, but this time it uses up the batteries more by having the deflector light for no reason. Eventually I got it out and set the switch, but it's too many movie lines and too many short sounds, and I hate the lighting scheme that goes with them, very little thought put into the warp engines blinking off time to the blinking deflector. And the try-me also betrayed this item's true failings: the deco.

    Initially, I liked the pearlescent deco, it looks nice and they added a little paint wash to bring out some details, but the cost for it is far too heavy. It seems in their infinite stupidity that someone made a foolish decision which essentially ruins this item for me, the plastic used is translucent and they didn't use ANY primer! WTF?!? How dare they?

    I could have forgiven the slop around nearly every detail element, but this is unbelievable. AA absolutely nailed this the first time around, even in a dark room their Ent-A has nearly no light bleeding through, yet this DST version has so much bleed that I can't even put it on the stand with the saucer tilted upwards because I can see the guts right through it. It's an insult to how great this sculpt is that the look is completely ruined by mismanagement here. And I'm not sure what's worse, the impulse engines turning completely see-through or the entire saucer lighting up from the inside like a cheap christmas ornament.

    I find this entirely disappointing, there's no way to enjoy it without being reminded of their failure - I could have accepted bleed on the warp engines, it happens, but the entire saucer even when turned off and in low room light?!? I don't usually freak out about stuff like this, but they've crossed the line here. Very frustrating, and the worst part is, there's nothing I can do, I gotta just eat it because I do want another of this model without paying $100 for the original release.

    As an aside note, I went to move the TOS Enterprise and their crappy stand finally self-destructed on me, it's now totally unusable. Horrid little design, all to save a buck by reusing the AA stand. DST has really done a disservice to Trek with these "1 step forwards, 1 step back" crap moves.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    One thing though. What's up with the cheesy stand? It won't fit the hole on the replacement battery hatch. Looks like you have to force it, which I don't want to do for fear of breakage. What's the solution here? Looks like I might be putting the original hatch back on and hanging it with 2lb fishline from a hook in the ceiling. I don't know what else to do.
    I never used the stand on the original, but it's the same. For this reissue, what I did was attach the stand to the panel BEFORE attaching the panel to the ship, worked perfectly - it's a VERY tight fit so you will have to force it, but the support around the rubber grommet is a metal plate so it can take it. You'll have to push real hard to get it fully seated, it'll be obvious when it's right if you do it the way I suggested because the stand ball will sit roughly flush with the metal plate.

    Quote Originally Posted by James31278 View Post
    My wok 1701's deflectors have different levels of transparent blue on them, the one thats still in the box albiet without batteries has a slightly heavier shade of blue in the dish.
    Like much of the paint on this ship, on mine the blue is darker on the starboard than port.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    My 12" KB's WOK Kirk and Spock are my prize possesions, even though they're not worth a whole lot now - I don't care.
    I once thought of buying more for just those cool uniforms, and dressing up all the other TOS 12" figures in them, though there are slight differences in the uniforms (collar colors etc.)
    The very last Trek figures that Playmates did, and they were those KB exclusives, I was so glad to get those as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Titanium View Post
    Anybody know if the Blade Runner Final Cut is licencing any ships or toys? I've seen a pic of the DVD briefcase set and it comes with a cool official painted Police Spinner... can't wait! I've got the Medicom "Future Car" and a diecast ERTL spinner but the paint jobs lack... a lot. Wonder if there'll be more ships from BR FC?
    Sadly not that I know of, I've already preordered that set (I was at the Blade Runner DVD panel at SDCC, as soon as I got back that preorder was happnin!) but it wasn't specifically for the spinner, that's just a nice bonus.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    (engine sounds?)
    Impulse fly-by, at first I thought it was the ST3 one when they're approaching Regula, but I think this one's just orbiting Regula when Kirk & co are on the station.

    BTW: The paint on the WOK is a cool white reflecting pearl. much like the the pearl white on Wave one Johnny Lighning White Lightnings. It looks alot better than the earlier released Art Asylum 1701-A, which I have also.
    It was an interesting idea, but I really dislike it in some ways and overall find the AA-A to be superior.
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    Actually, the Enterprise-A are going for around $45-50 due to this release.

    Personally, I like it, I wish it had been much better but I'm okay with it. I used NewForce's $53.99 (2 regulars) and $54.99 (2 battle damaged) deals though, unlike those that are paying $30-40. If I had paid that much I would be ready to travel to a convention just to throw it at the first DST employee I saw.

    It feels heavier than the TOS Enterprise so I definitely won't be trusting that even more flimsy looking stand. I think I may get some of those Eagle stands and use fishing line to secure them as well as bolt down the stand. If I ever get a large display made, that is.

    Honestly, I wish they didn't try to do sounds. I can understand the appeal of them but in cases like this, the sounds are such poor quality that I'd much rather see the money go towards paint, lighting and quality control. Sounds always turn out to be such a waste.

    One thing that baffles me though is they reused the packaging design for the TOS Enterprises, but left the nacelles detached? Why? Since the packaging is designed for a ship with nacelles, the ship fits just fine when you place it in the box with the nacelles attached. So pointless.
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    I got my BD WOK Enterprise today and I have very mixed feelings. On one hand, I got all giddy playing the sound samples but on the other hand, the ship itself looks like a cheap toy. It looks like it has been painted with testors model paints. I have built a few of the AMT model kits and have painted them better than this. The scale was much smaller than I expected too. I'm even thinking about getting one of those Polar Lights kits and transplanting the electronics over to it ("Let me get this straight... something you can transplant?"). I passed on the "clean" version of the WOK Enterprise but I assume it has the same sound samples.

    I think Art Asylum/Diamond Direct really missed a big opportunity here for the 25th Anniversary. What they needed to do was make both the BD Enterprise AND a Reliant with INTERACTIVE sound samples that would respond to commands from the other through some kind of IR frequency. What I wouldn't give right now to have a Reliant to engage with. That would have been the cream of the crop for the 25th Anniversary, yet it is not to be. That is heartbreaking.

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    Now that you mention it JT, that translucent plastic is very bothersome. They did drop the ball.

    At least I still have 1701-A which I haven't pulled out of the package yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by James31278 View Post
    Can you get a picture of the weird torpedo launcher of your ship?
    Damn, the super-macro on my camera sees it as a major flaw. I advise not removing the STUPID phaser-torpedo effect. Looks like I'll be opening another. This one might sustain major battle-damage, like crushed under a giant foot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    Damn, the super-macro on my camera sees it as a major flaw. I advise not removing the STUPID phaser-torpedo effect. Looks like I'll be opening another. This one might sustain major battle-damage, like crushed under a giant foot!

    Thanks! I got my BD 1701, they added a couple sounds too like Khan being able to finish his peotry crap and the phaser hit on the enterprise's port torpedo hatch in the mutara nebula. On the interactive thing, while that would be cool come on do you seriously think most toy companies are interesed in being cool? I think not, it's all about the all mighty dollar to them nothing more.

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    While companies do want to make money, they also want to sell products they think people want. I have been very impressed with Art Asylum/Diamond Direct picking up the Trek license and delivering high quality figures that easily surpass what Playmates did with the license. Their deficiency though is the ships. I'll take the Playmates ships any day. They were larger scale and had better paint apps. The AA/DD ships look like cheap model kit knock offs hand painted by an amateur modeler. I still think the sounds are a high selling point (it's the reason why I bought my BD Enterprise) but if they could figure out a way to use the sounds effectively and appropriately it would make them even more attractive to collectors. Companies like Mattel and Hasbro have developed interactive sound features. Maybe AA/DD is too small of a company and doesn't have the production facilities and resources that a larger company like Mattel or Hasbro have but these ships seem kind of half-assed (at least as far as the BD Enterprise is concerned). My Enterprise-E looks pretty good and my Classic Enterprise was OK. It does at least seem like AA/DD really love this stuff and enjoy making it which is a plus in my book but they do have their shortcomings especially when it comes to paint which echoes the same problem with another small company... Sideshow Collectibles. While the big companies focus on newer and more popular licenses, older ones like Star Trek have been cast off to the smaller companies and it's a double-edged sword. On one hand it's a good thing because they can cater specifically to the fans and give them the products they specifically want, on the other hand it's a bad thing because the quality of materials and production are not exactly up to the levels of some of the bigger toy companies. Hasbro and Mattel put out a lot of crap toys but a lot of that has to do with the fact that they are selling toys primarily for kids and also the fact that a lot of things get rushed into production. We've seen how Hasbro can make absolutely gorgeous figures and toys when they really put their mind to it and others come up looking like deformed rejects because of poor execution. I think AA/DD had some good ideas with the BD Enterprise but it does look like it was rushed and came up woefully short of expectations. I'd just like to ask them why they didn't release a Reliant to tie into the 25th Anniversary? That seems like such an obvious choice. The starship combat was the highlight of the film. You MUST have a Reliant to display with a BD Enterprise. I'm really disappointed. They could always make one next year but that sort of defeats the purpose of celebrating the 25th Anniversary doesn't it? I'll still take one even if it is a year or two late. Better to have one than not have one.

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