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    I still need to find the Andorian, Hoshi, and T'Pol.

    In a good-bad sort of way, it's nice to have to hunt. It means the figures are being received well, are becoming popular and being bought.

    The hard to finds in my area include:

    Shinzon (Nemesis)
    Viceroy (Nemesis)
    T'Pol (Away Team)
    Hoshi (Away Team)

    I have the first 2 Nemesis figures I listed as being HTF and they are awesome, especially the Viceroy.

    Hope I find my Andorian and the ladies this week...

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    AA got the likeness of Hoshi and Tripp perfect. I was gonna pass on the line because I want them in their uniforms.
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    Found them at Target, Aliso Viejo, California (Southern California).
    There are so many good things to say about these figures, and a safety tip on how to protect them - but I just ramble it all out. So you've been warned that this will seem like chaos brought to Order

    The figures' accurate sizes. This was not important to me, but came as a very pleasant surprise, and one that I am now raving wild about:

    true to life, the Cardassian is the smallest, then the Klingon's obviously larger, and the Hirogen is huge! Just as the aliens should be were they real and true to form!

    The Borg's specialized functions: the Cardassian appears to be a Borg assimilator and medic. He has stuff that look like surgical cutters, a laser scalpal, etc.

    The Klingon Borg appears outfitted for heavy construction and repair. I could see him in First Contact, building the beacon on the deflector dish.

    The Hirogen is a Borg Warrior, through and through. His appendage could be nothing other than a heavy blaster cannon and his bulk would make him a formidable combatant for Borg Conquest!

    These figures are going to make me buy more and more duplicates of Art Asylum's figures TO OPEN!

    I never bought any of mine to keep carded, but ...

    I need an extra Picard and Data to recreate First Contact, and yet not take Shinzon and the Viceroy's "friends" away!

    If Art Asylum does Voyager figures, I'm going to need duplicates of all these Borg figures to make myself a 2nd collective!

    I'm a fanboy on a buying spree: Resistance is futile!

    The packaging looks like a Borg cube structure for sure. The figures look like they're regenerating in the packaging. I tried to be careful not to mess it up too much when I removed the figures. But for whatever reason, I think the Away Team packaging is the best kind Art Asylum's done. It's a color difference, that's why. I liked the brightness next to the greys, blues, and greens of the other lines.

    All 3 series represented by Borgs! I just realized that all the shows that featured the Borg have a unique representative of their characters that's been "Borged."

    Cardassians were most predominant on Deep Space Nine - hence our first DS9 figure could be represented here.

    The Hirogen is obviously the first figure from Voyager we've thus far gotten from Art Asylum.

    While Klingons are indigenous to every Star Trek, you could consider this guy "almost from First Contact," to surely be the Next Generations' representative here.

    Maybe Crom can let me know if I'm onto something here with the species selected from specific shows, and their Borg occupations (assimilator, construction, warrior).

    What else can I say?

    On the Cardassian, don't turn his small laser scalple (on the outside of his arm prothesis). Mine seems loose, and I don't want to break that part off. I tried turning it to see if it turns, but when posing him, would I honestly want it pointed in any direction but straight?

    I think that perhaps Art Asylum should include a picture of the figure, or an outline drawing, that points out the INTENDED points of articulation. Mine is not broken (yet) but I don't see everyone being so fortunate.

    What else? On a side note, my friend found me T'Pol (away team) and I secured Hoshi myself. Now I have everything except I can't find the Andorian or T'Pol's deluxe set that I need to build the bridge playset, (along with the yet unreleased Mayweather).

    I can't wait for more Art Asylum stuff! This new year is going to be great! I'm going to wind up spending a fortune because I can't be content with just one of each, either!
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    I'm glad you're happy with the new figures Tycho. I still have yet to find the Borg line.

    Does anybody have all or some of the Deluxe Bridge sets? Do they fit together well?
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    I found the new Borg figures at Target today. They are wicked cool, except for their price. $9.99! Wow, I haven't paid that much for a single non-deluxe figure in a long time, if ever. I only had the money to get the Klingon, but hope to pick up the rest soon.
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    I finally got Hoshi, T'Pol, and the Andorian! (Shran is awesome!)

    I'm now going to buy extras these are so good:

    I'm going to find Archer on clearance to save him for his final showdown with an extra Siilik I'll pick up.

    I'm going to get an extra Picard and Data to have them face the Borg (aren't they cool?)!

    I'm going to get extra Borg because I'm sure they'll get around to Voyager figures eventually - and who were Janeway's primary enemies if not the Borg? I'd buy two Queen figures as well - one for each captain to square off with (Picard in First Contact, Janeway in every season since the 5th).

    I'm going to keep an extra Shran figure if I can find another, as I'm sure they cast Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun, Brunt) in that role because he's going to be needed to be played by a reliable recurring actor since Andorians will become original members of the Federation of Planets once it starts to take form. Humans probably stop Andor from going to war with Vulcan, and form the alliance if I get things straight - and probably to foil a Romulan plot and fight the Klingons... That's where I see Enterprise going over the course of 7 years.

    Anyway, these figures are really something to look forward to.

    I know that next are the Classic figures from TOS, but I'm really looking forward to those characters from Kirk's crew in their movie uniforms pitted against their movie adversaries.

    That and I can't wait for an extensive line from Deep Space Nine!

    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    How much would it cost to buy Picard and Data in the US?
    I'm in the UK and to get those two figures here would cost the equivalent of $38, so I'm thinking of having someone import them for me. Does anyone know how much they each weigh when unopened?

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    Nemises figures run about $7.99 in the U.S.

    I finally picked up Nemises Data and while its a very cool figure, he can't hold his scanner. He didn't come with an extra set of hands to hold it.
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    You need to swap Data and Picard's accessories round. They hold each other's perfectly.
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    O.K. so I broke down and finally bought 2 of the Nemesis figures that I have been holding off on getting. I grapped Picard and Shinzon from KB today. I like both of these figures, but I do have one gripe about Shinzon. He seems to have a little trouble standing up. Anyway else have this problem?
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