Kirk was $15 at Comic Con. Worth it, too!

I'm going to buy Khan, hopefully at retail. I don't know if I'll get the whol ecrew this time. I have these Playmates figures.

I want:

TOS Crew in red movie uniforms - wishfully with deluxe bridge builder sets from the 1701 refit

TOS in away team uniforms from STV

TOS in doctors' disguises from ST IV

TOS in civilian clothes from ST IV

Gorkin, Aztebur, Chang, General, assorted prisoners from Khitomer & Warden from ST VI

Lt. Saavik and Valeris

Spock in his black robe and in his white robe

Oh hell - everything from movie Trek with TOS!

Then DEEP SPACE NINE and Voyager with some TNG fill-in being nice - especially Riker.

I got my 2 Trip Tucker figures in the mail from NewForceComics today btw! That was exciting to follow up from Comic COn.

I also want Hoshi and Phlox in regular cuniforms they wear around the ship, and Malcom Reed in space gear!