There's some more news on Series III from Art Asylum and Looks like they want to give you the choice of what's in Asst. 3. Here's the news and the voting list from TNI's site. I dunno, Nomad would be pretty cool. But I like the STII Kirk & Spock.

1. Kirk/Spock (ST II-VI Movie Uniforms)
2. Christine Chapel/Janice Rand
3. Sarek/Harcourt Fenton Mudd
4. Bele/ Lokai
5. Salt-Sucking Creature/Ruk
6. Balok/Nomad
7. Kang/Kor
6" Star Trek Assortment 3, Cast Your Vote
by Jay at 06:59:22 PM on 03/04/2004

Art Asylum debuted some concept art of their upcoming 3rd assortment of 6" Star Trek Orginal Series figures at last months International Toy Fair. The characters shown in the concept art were The Gorn Captain, Orion Slave Girl, Admiral Krik and Captain Spock from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan. Since the concept art was completed, concerns have come up by some that another Kirk and Spock figure would not go over well with collectors, since there was a Kirk and Spock figure done in both the first and second assortment of figures which have already been released. Normally I would be the first to agree, that main characters do not need to be released in every assortment for a line to do well, however in this case I believe that many collector's such as myself have in fact been eagerly awaiting the release of good quality figures of the crew in their Star Trek II uniforms. So after some discussion with Art Asylum's very own Adam Unger at Toy Fair we have decided to run a new online poll asking you the collector's what two figures you would like to see included in the 3rd assortment. Found on the right side of the screen on the main page is a Online Poll with a choice of potential characters we thought would make good figures, including Kirk and Spock from Star Trek II. We ask you take a second to cast your vote on which figures you would like to see included in assortment 3. At the end of the month we will tally all the votes and present the data to the folks at Art Asylum, to help them determine what the final line-up will be.


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