Well, TOS Classic Series 3 has been revealed. Sadly the ST II Movie Uniform figures for Spock and Kirk have been knocked out of the line-up for now. Even though they captured the majority of the votes. Art Asylum said that there is plans for Movie Figures at some point. So they'll probably be part of that. But without further ado, here's the news from TNI.
Star Trek The Orginal Series Assortment 3
by Jay at 01:04:22 AM on 04/03/2004

The folks at Art Asylum have confirmed for us the line-up for their 3rd series of Star Trek The Orginal Series figures.

Salt Vampire
Orion Slave
Kor The Klingon
Gold Shirt James T. Kirk

As for movie versions of Kirk and Spock, well they won't make it for series 3, but we presented the data to the folks at Art Asylum from lasts months TNI Online Poll where we asked the following:

Which 2 characters would you like to see made for Art Asylum's 3rd wave of Star Trek Orginal Series action figures?

Kirk/Spock (ST II-VI Movie Uniforms) - 270
Christine Chapel/Janice Rand - 105
Sarek/Harcourt Fenton Mudd - 33
Bele/ Lokai - 15
Salt-Sucking Creature/Ruk - 43
Balok/Nomad - 10
Kang/Kor - 74

We are told they will definitely get to movie figures at some point in the future. So keep your fingers crossed for a 4th assortment.

Jar Jar Binks