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What does it mean to be a "modern" Trekker anyway, now that Berman's ruined that with a cruddy prequel?
What does it mean? Nothing extremely concrete, but I mean TNG, DS9, and Voyager over TOS. Don't get me wrong, TOS started it for me, but in terms of storytelling, TOS never seemed as mature and certainly wasn't subtle. Being smashed over the head with the moral of the week to a Stravinsky-inspired soundtrack never did it for me quite like post season 2 TNG. Every time I think of Enterprise, all I can think of is my friend commenting that I thought that show stunk so much I had to open a window to let the smell out after watching it.

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I'm a TNG-era Trekkie first, but the Refit 1701/A is far and away my favorite design. I like the E over the D too, but the D's a much more important character to me. I agree with what you're saying on the Nebula class, that rearrangement of elements looks far better than the bloated lines of the Galaxy-class.
With the exception of the opinion on the -A, I completely agree with all the above. The -D was the ship we loved from '87 until '94.

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BTW, way to go to the source on that one, good call, it never would have occurred to me for some reason.
You know, I just didn't even realize that Jackill was still making those books. I went to the website and thought, "There's new stuff coming out?" I haven't read a Jackill manual since high school, more than ten years ago. I might have to pick up the -E manual, and I really wish Pocket Books or whomever would put out some good material on the First Contact ships, Norway, Akira, Steamrunner, and Sabre. I know I might give my left and right arm to have gotten those ships in Micro Machine form.