I know I don't.

So anyways...got the AA TOS Enterprise yesterday, awesome little ship. I was hoping it would be slightly larger, at least almost in scale with the micro-machine Galileo but the detail and overall look make up for it. I love the fact they give not just an alternate battery cover without the hole for the stand but a screw with that as well, so if you lose one when replacing them you're not SOL.

The best feature though...the absolutely positively most awesomest feature is the lights. I love it when a toy lights up, but I've always wanted companies to drop the limitations where the lights only stay on for like 10 seconds or have to be accompanied with sound effects. Holding down the button for a few seconds and the lights staying on as long as you want is just down-right brilliant. And the lights are actually bright, making it even better! And the bussard collectors pulse during this, it's like whoa.

I just wish you could get an AC adapter or something to leave it on all the time.