You know after you mentioned that my Enterprise is (posibly)the WNMHGB version Decadentdave, I went back to Newforce and checked which was which. Sure enough the WNMHGB version is the one with Kirk's voice.
Now I am perplexed as to why mine has the sticker with "The Cage" on it but has Kirk's voice.
There is no obvious signs of tampering to the box, and it is the slightly different TOS Enterprise with pointed nacelles.
I e-mailed Rick at Newforce again and asked him why the discrepency
Is there some kinda mix-up or switcheroo going on?
I even mentioned that someone at SSG forums tipped me off to this if indeed it is the case.
I have the WNMHGB as well as the WOK, WOK battle-damage, and the Enterprise E battle-damaged on order there also.
I hope I get a satisfactory answer to this.