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Non-toxic glue in the module that holds the ball joint itself? Perfectly straighten it then glue it, it dried overnight then maybe who knows. Just an idea.
I can't trust glue here in earthquake country. We had a little one last night at 2:37am (I looked it up right after it happened) that jolted the room, it didn't knock down the TOS 1701 because I had just counter-weighted the stand with some nickels (they're heavy for their size) but if the ship had been glued upright instead of angled into the stand, it likely would have snapped sideways and given out, then been violently tossed to the ground.

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On Rebelscum I think, they advertise clear display stands (probably the ones with the three ball tops that JT mentions) that I'm considering for my Star Wars vehicles I want to display flying when I don't want to hang an entire fleet from my ceiling (B-wing with its s-foils deployed for example).
It was Basker who posted the 3-prong stands, not I. They look decent, I don't have any flat surfaces to actually use them on though.

However, my 3 Star Trek ships stay on their stands just fine:

NX-01 is wobbly because of the half-curve stand, but the ship is very light so it copes well. The Ent-E has the best stand design, it's got 2 curves and is pretty stable and balanced, but limits range of motion on the ball joint due to the ball being too low. The 1701-A I haven't used the stand on yet, I will when the WOK 1701 shows up later this month though, but i have a bad feeling about it.

These are all the ships I want unless I find somewhat good scale Defiant and Voyager toys.

I just might go for Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Breen, and Jem Hadar ships in the future (maybe Ferengi, Tholian, Vulcan, or Andorian) but I'd want a Borg cube as large as my coffee table. Ha! (Maybe a sphere the size of one of those exercise balls could work though).
Too bad you want scale, Playmates' Defiant is huge and beautiful, easily their best effort to date, and one of their only ships to use ACCURATE sounds.