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So, I went and looked at the TOS Ent stand again today, and it's even worse off than I feared - the sleeve that connects the ball joint to the ship has cracked and failed in several sections, and yet this is NOT causing the problems with the ball joint's failure. And it's still holding onto the ball joint part, so I don't know what to do at this point, if I use krazy glue to put it back together it'll be brittle and could break worse or get stuck on the ball joint part. I dunno... I think DST really messed this up bad.

Uh, no. And if you say "because they're not on the internet, they don't use technology", many members of the Religious Society of Friends actually DO use the internet. Just because they believe in the testimony of simplicity doesn't mean they're Amish or Mennonites. In fact, the Quakers even have websites: http://www.quaker.org/
DST might replace the stand piece for you. Maybe you should contact Chris Meyer he helped me with the Cage 1701 replacement.