I really wanted to track down the WOK figures in person just to tempt me to get them, but it never happened - I saw Bones & Scotty figs but the rest were no-shows and it kept the cash in my wallet.

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It always was. You apply early and pay more for your position for your dealer space at Comic Con and Rick doesn't like to spend more than it's worth. With Star Trek exclusives and a good reputation, he lets his customers seek him out rather than pay to be obvious to impulse buyers he can't count on.

Rick is a great fan, all-around-nice-person, and an astute businessman. NewForce is usually located somewhere off the main beaten pathways at Comic Con.
IMO, that is a HUGE mistake at a show like this because he has something most other etailers at that level can't compete with - a reputation for integrity to this specific brand. He should have been representing better than that, he's a good guy and deserves more eyes on the booth than what he ended up with.

I didn't see him this year myself due to lack of time and not feeling well enough to go early than nearly 5pm on Saturday, but then I'm making a concerted effort to buy less and less stuff now due to lack of space to keep it all in.
That's the other thing, the exhibitor hall was open 10am to 7pm yet it still seemed like nobody had time to track his booth down, that's a real shame but it does have something to do with his lack of promotions and his booth location.